• My name is Kylee
  • I go by Kay on here
  • I'm 22 years old
  • She/her pronouns
  • In a serious relationship (1/18/17)
  • Dyed red hair and grey-ish blue eyes.
  • Hobbies include: Reading, writing, Playing video games, painting, and making movie references
  • I have my bachelor's in Psychology
  • I minored in Law and society
  • I have 4 younger sisters (21, 20, 15, and 13) 
  • I have 2 bunnies named Jack and Theodore.
  • I have a 10 month old beagle puppy named Logan.
Currently: Online
Last updated: July 22, 2019 at 8:00am EST

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8/16: I'm so lonely...
7/22: I'm so tired...
7/19: Today marks 6 years since my boyfriend and I first admitted our feelings for each other.
7/18: Bored... feeling a bit down.
7/17: Happy birthday to my sister, Becca!! (Bonny748)
7/11: Organizing some things...
Also, I made a new custom UFO census. Link available in my "Daily Links" box!!
6/27: Bored.
6/13: I'm really bad at keeping this updated, tbh
5/6: Sick. Bored out of my mind. Anyone want a Layout?
4/28: My boyfriend and I are looking for a house to buy!
4/22: I currently have 8 French Trotter Foundies for sale. Update: sold!
4/11: I'm alive. Planning on getting glasses here soon.
2/27: Had Logan neutered today. I'm doing okay and will be active more often now. 
1/27: I'm going to try to be more active from now on. Life has just dealt me a really bad hand these last couple of months.
1/21: Logan is better and appears to be making a full recovery.
1/18: Today is my anniversary with my boyfriend. We have been together 2 years. Our puppy was diagnosed with Parvo today.
12/17: Today is my birthday...
12/16: I just graduated from Purdue University with my Bachelor's in Psychology.
12/12: My boyfriend just surprised me with a beagle puppy. We named him Logan.
11/22: My grandpa died yesterday. 
Please forgive my absence.
11/14: My mom called from home to tell me my cat, Rexxie, passed away last night.
10/2: A bit more active these days. Working on breeding, aging out horses I didn't breed, and focusing on teams
9/6: Updated items available for trade. Still check my messages a few times a day. Don't get to care for my horses as much.
8/28: I still get on every day, but I'm in uni, so I'm not on as much.
8/12: Depression is kicking my but at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience.
8/1: Mixed feelings about today.
7/31: Just won a Nyx's Pack on erob's page!
Also, a bit confused as to how so many players I know are losing Karma.
7/23: Kinda stewing an idea for a story...
Also, I won a vintage apple on It's-fishy's page!
7/20: Did a few TCs to get Charming Red, won a HoP, used it and got Longma...
7/18: Today marks a year and a half with my wonderful boyfriend.
7/16: Got a Vintage apple through a UFO on prettyhorsegirl's page :D

My main breeds are Gypsy Vanners and Marwaris. 

I also breed unicorns of every breed as a side project. Foals born from this project are available for sale in the "Unicorn Shop!" breeding farm below.

I pride myself on putting quite a bit of work into my equestrian center, so please check it out.
If you like what you see and would like a box reserved, just send me a message :)

I am a passive Golden Apple and Retired Golden Apple collector.
The chances of me selling these are slim.
Number of GAs: 49
Number of RAs: 21

RA coats I am after:

I am an occasional pass buyer, however more often than not it's my boyfriend that buys them for me as a gift.




1) Go ahead and send them!
2) I may delete anyone who hasn't been on in 180 days (6 months)
3) If I deleted you for inactivity and you are active again, feel free to re-add me.


1) Feel free to send one! Even if it's just to chat!!
2) Be kind.
3) Text speak is okay!
4) Do not ask for free stuff.


1) Trades are only to be done through the item exchange.
2) I prefer negotiating before an offer is sent.
3) I can send 3 items at a time.
4) I have 9 trades a week.
5) I will not trade horses.
6) I will not trade items for passes.
7) I will not trade horses for items.


  • I'm a legally ordained minister
  • I have 2 tattoos
  • I am a huge bookworm
  • I do not practice any religion, but I support your right to do so
  • I support the LGBTQ+ community

I am supposed to be making a layout for someone, but I accidentally deleted the order form! Please PM me asap if I owe you a layout!

If you are in need of a layout, hit me up!
I can make layouts with as many boxes as you need.
Just fill out this form.

Examples of my work
Testimonials from real players

Due to the trafficking rules on howrse, I am not allowed to charge for my Layouts.

This means I can't quote you a price for a layout.

That being said, donations for the time and energy put into making layouts are always appreciated, but NOT mandatory, nor expected.
All horses currently for sale can be found under the "My Shop"  and the "Unicorn Shop!" breeding farms.
All unicorns in the Unicorn Shop breeding farm are pay-what-you-can-afford! Send me a PM and we can work something out!!!

Weekly exchanges left: 9

I Have:
sang-meduse.pngx 44
parchemin-ploutos.pngx 40
pack-poseidon.png x 20
caresse-philotes.pngx 19
pack-bonus.pngx 18
fleche-artemis.pngx 10
pack-harmonie.png x 9
fragment-nuage.pngx 8
5th-element.pngx 7
eau-jouvence.pngx 5
rayon-helios-ow.pngx 5
5th-element-water.pngx 2
5th-element-earth.pngx 2
5th-element-air.pngx 1
compagnon-poule.pngx 1
compagnon-lapin.pngx 1

I'm always looking for:
pierre-philosophale.pngbras-morphee.pngtalon-achille.pngbaton-fertilite.pngpack-hera.png pack-nyx.png pomme-or.png
and equus of course.

Please read my rules regarding trades before proposing an offer.


If I am buying from you:
1) Do not tell me what I can do with the horse. (ie, flip it, sell to safe haven, bolt it, remove horn/wings, etc.)
2) Do not demand that I sell a horse back.*
3) Do not harass me about the horse.
4)You may send me advertisements about similar horses, but do not be rude if I decline.

*If it's for sentimental reasons and you ask nicely, I will likely sell a horse back.

If you are buying from me:
1)"Negotiable" means "I am a bit flexible and can lower the price a bit" not "Oh, I'll take any price!"
2) Do not offer less than 3/4 of the asking price. 25% off is more than fair.
3) All sales are final.
4) I will not buy horses back for the price you paid.
5) If a horse isn't for sale, take 'no' as an answer.
6) Horses for sale for passes can be sold for equus if you ask nicely and don't lowball.
7) Please buy reserved horses in a timely manner.
8) Do not send insultingly low offers.
9) I will never try to tell you what you can do with a horse. Flip it if you want, I guess?


1) Sometimes I buy passes.
2) No, I shouldn't give you them.
3)I don't owe anyone anything just because I buy passes.
4) Being a non-pass buyer does not make you a better player. Stop trying to shame pass buyers. If it weren't for pass buyers, the game would have gone under a long time ago. It is a business like anything else, after all, and they don't make money off of non-pass buyers.


1) Sometimes I do use autocomp. Messaging me telling me to stop will not be tolerated. Asking nicely is ok.
2) No, I will not start a team for you.
3) Yes, I probably can VIP fill for your team. PM me.
4)  My Ufo is on the highest percentage. Good luck!

To date, my UFO has given
Croesus' Fortune: 45
Hypnos' Blankets: 23 


Book Series:
Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Vampire Academy, The Infernal Devices, The Immortal Instruments, Blood of Eden
The Princess Bride, Pitch Perfect, Big Hero 6, practically any Disney movie
TV Shows:
Forever, Ghost Whisperer, Criminal Minds, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Once Upon A Time, Pretty Little Liars, Castle, The Handmaid's Tale, Vampire Diaries
The Sound of Music, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier
Video Games:
Minecraft, Sims 3, Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, Town of Salem, GMod, and FNAF


  • My favorite doctor is Eccleston (Ninth Doctor) 
  • Hufflepuff
  • Puckwudgie
  • District 8 of Panem
  • Daughter of Apollo
  • Erudite and Amity

My 3,500th Congratulation will get a gift! PM me if it's you!!

Midas Raffle!

PM me to be entered into my monthly raffle for his golden touch on a donkey of your choice!!*
September Entrants: 2
*You may only win once!!

I am currently in 9 teams!

I am active in 4. I fill for 5.
I can still fill for 1 team. Just PM me!

Scroll for more info!
ღ Starlit Valley ღ
A laid-back Marwari team started by myself. We are recruiting!
⁂ Sunrise Cove ⁂
A laid-back Gypsy Vanner team started by myself. We are recruiting!
A Gypsy Vanner uni team I breed with regularly.
A Marwari uni team I breed with regularly.
Teams I fill for:
The Snowy River Brumbies
Ink and Quills
DreamCatcher Arabians
The Tenacious 
Dancing Lippazzan

I am an
Adult Player!!

Please keep this in mind if you try to message me!