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Need friends from Spain;)


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I accept a Friend from Spain, German, Italy, Finland and Poland. 
Accepts all.
On 24th October 2012 I posted a new thread in Spanish. 

29th October 2012 new message.
Sign the my guestbook;)

On 4.01.2013 - 1000 day's log
On 20.01.2013 - I won a Zephyrus from wandering horses Pacifico

12.07.2014 - I won a Greyfell from the Piñatas. (18 dragon)

14.07.2014 - I won a Gullfaxi from the Piñatas. ( 20 lion)

6.08.2014 -  I posted a new thread with spanish lessons ( Las clases de español)  Please take a look;)
 9.12.2014 - Alcazar won 1000 race of dressage

12.01.2016 - 2000 day's log

10.12.2018 - First position on the teem ranking

Please registred your horses for my racing (my EC Ośrodek "Zabajka" )
gallop between 680 and 1360%

trot between 400 and 800% 

cross country between 336,10 and 672,20%

juping between 638,70 and 983,50% 

dressage between 582,10 and 1164,10% (8 figures)

If tinytoottiny finds this on your page you automatically win a  free pass no joke.