News: 12/13/2019 - So excited for our half-breed Alaura, who reach 20 wins before being 6 years old!  Big accomplishment for me on this game.  Can't wait to see how my other half-breed Artorian does! ced83a1ec20d9f7b45a8c537f1ccdf3c.png

A little bit about myself.  I have been on Howrse for around 9 years now and enjoy adding unique coats to my Immortal Ranks.  I gave up on the GP race a long time ago and am really just focused on breeding unicorns right now.  I don't consider my horses to be of high quality, but nonetheless, I am proud of all of them.  I do love to role play and am currently doing a  Prpg with a friend on here.  I always look forward to a good Prpg, so if you want to do one with me feel free to message me.  Lately, I have been focused on upgrading my EQ center.
If you ever wish to talk or want to message me about anything, feel free to PM me whenever.  However, I would suggest not asking for advice from me ced83a1ec20d9f7b45a8c537f1ccdf3c.png.   I have been on this game for a while now, but still don't understand some things or at least don't see myself as an experienced player haha!  I love to congratulate people, and I do my best to return all congratulations that I get!

I have gotten back into breeding my Marwari's and Unicorns more often, and have even started working with Camargue's also.
I think that is about all I have to say about myself 2a1af738d56da555be74920210e2babc.png.


I have been making more public exchanges in the exchange place to get some Equus and allow other players to have items that they want/need.
Feel free to PM about whatever item you want and we can come up with a price that works for the both of us! I will do my best to respond in a timely manner!

Get under 10,000 for General Ranking

Notes to Self: 
Highest Popularity Ranking - 36 congratulations, Rank 198
Most Visits/Congratulations - 58 congratulations, Rank 377 
Most Wins - 23 Wins, Rank 432