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Only horses in the Sales tab are for sale. If they aren't there, they are NOT for sale.

Stud services: If you're interested in breeding to any of my studs, please message me. The horses in the Breeding Tab with either ℳ (male) or ℱ (female) following the name are all 100% BLUPPED or will be as soon as they get to 10yrs old.


DON'T ask me to sell horses that aren't in my sales tab. It won't work. The only exception to this is within 24 hours of an accidental sale of a horse that I purchased and you make a reasonable offer and reasonable case for it being an accidental sale. Violators will be ignored. Also, I am NOT quitting so please don't ask. If a horse has that for a name, I just haven't renamed it yet after purchase.

pouce.png?1828806360I try to congratulate everyone who congratulates me, but since I'm busy in school and they only show the last 5, I will miss people on occasion.

I accept all friend requests unless you annoy me. And no chat speak please (obvious chat speak will be blocked immediately). At least make an attempt at English (I understand not everyone speaks it fluently), even if you have to use Google Translate or something.


I'm re-organizing everything. College crimps having a life!

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