Hello I am Sun Rider but you can call me Sunny!!!:)

 I am 21-23 years old,

I have some very exciting news that i want to share, on November 15 2019 my loving boyfriend of 1 year just asked me to marry him and i said yes:):):):):) 
he's tough but sweet, he's nice but sincere! he likes horses but he hasn't ridden one.....yet lol
we're planning for the Spring of 2021!!:) 
My sale horses:
I will sell horses at one year and six months or older, 
I will NOT accept crazy offers on my horses, we can talk and come to a deal but one nasty word about selling the horse to you and you will be ignored if you keep pestering me about the horse you will be blocked, my only warning and I won't feel sorry, so please use common sense and ask nicely, thank you!

Also I will buy back any horse that I bred for $500, Thank you!

Training Test Run: this is just a test run and if it goes well it might become permanent!! 

I'm offering to train your horses for you, I'm almost on daily and I have alot of time on my hands! Just message me if your interested and send your horse through the reserve sales. all boarding is free! 
depending on the breed, their main training will be free! Any other bars of training will cost $100 each. 
E.G.(for example): A Thoroughbred's main skills: Speed, Dressage and gallop - free
any other skill bars (trot, stamina, etc.) - $100
if your horse is under 3 years old, just tell me what specialty you want them and their tack is free too:) 
PM me if you have any questions!

Hello Dear Readers, here is a little bit about my past riding :)

I started riding when I moved out of the city and into the country in Arkansas, I was only five or six years old when we moved and I didn't like the new house at all and seeing me and my sister's unhappiness, my parents gave us the best Christmas present a little girl could ask for; riding lessons. 
When I started riding, it was the best thing ever! I was around horses, the place was so homely and I loved every moment of it and I wanted to be a professional rider when I was older, so I worked hard to make it happen but when I was eight years old, me and my family had the worst nightmare ever. 
On the night of Christmas Eve of 2005, I had a seizure and I woke up to my sisters and two brothers being in extreme shock, having no idea what happened I noticed I was wet! It turns out my older brother dumped water on me to wake me up during the seizure but it didn't work. They told my parents and for the next eight to nine years I saw doctor after doctor and medicine after medicine but during that terrible time in my life I still rode. When I was around fifteen years old I started to see the true side of my trainer and she wasn't the person who I thought she was, she was really mean and negative to me and my older sister whenever we did a lesson, I actually cried more then I learned and it was heartbreaking for me personally because I loved being around the horses and boarders and I didn't want to give that up. I also started to show some potential for higher dressage tests and levels, I had to teach myself how to canter, which isn't easy to learn by yourself, and I was also making great progress with a mare I had started working with! I loved her to bits and I made sure she knew she was loved and special. whenever my trainer or anybody wasn't around, I would make a rope bridle and ride her bareback.
When I was seventeen, I finally had a diagnosis but my trainer didn't take it so well, in fact it only got worse after I told her. It was a minor condition of Epilepsy and when I told her, she started to treat me like I was stupid and that I needed more 'hands on' learning or something but overall I was quite normal in the saddle and when I had a private lesson with a well-known and nice lady she didn't see me as disabled or stupid, she treated me like any other student she had; with respect and it made me feel better about myself.
Eventually my trainer had gone too far, the summer I turned seventeen she blamed my older sister for stealing a boarder's saddle. The situation got so out of hand the police, my parents, the saddle's owner and anyone else involved, were called out and it ended really well for my sister, she didn't have the saddle and the saddle's owner knew my sister a lot better then my trainer and knew she was innocent. In the end it was resolved and me and my sister never went back and I'm glad for not going back but I do miss three very special horses that had a deep impact on my life!

Katy (or Princess Kate): she was my project pony and I loved spending every moment I had with her! she was, in a way, my version of Flicka! she was a beautiful dapple grey/light grey paint with a mustang/quarter horse build and her mane and tail were a mix of black, white and grey.
Chance: a sweet and gentle chestnut gelding who gave me the confidence that speed was okay and not scary, he was a barrel racer previously before he started doing dressage and gave me my first Dressage medal.
Mr. Peabody: a tall, gentle and sweetheart appaloosa gelding who taught me how to canter and 'told' me that it was okay to bend your strict trainer's rules, more than once I might add lol!

Since I've left, I've graduated high school and have been to a few barns where I've learned more then I can possibly dream of! I've learned so many new things like how to braid properly, handle a stallion, how to ride with a double bridle while also doing my first flying change at the same time (which was quite a rush for me!) how to do polo wraps properly and so much more! 
It's a crazy and fun horse world and I'm so excited to learn more! 

1.My unicorn stallions:
 My uni stallions are up for breeding: Sherlock Holmes (TB), Joey (son of Sherlock Holmes) (TB) Topthorn (son of Joey) (TB), Royal Miracle (TB), Deimos (TB), Sherlock's Pure Luck (grandson to Sherlock Holmes) (TB), Sherlock is Dun (grandson to Sherlock Holmes) (TB), 
Blaze (Arabian) Qilin's Miracle (Arabian), Bilbo Baggins (Arabian), Tornado (wind Arabian), Danny Boy (Arabian), California Dreamin' (Arabian), Lakia (Arabian), Serendipity (Arabian), Bravery (Arabian), Hercules (Arabian), Light-Eyed Wonder (Arabian), Baby, Remind Me (Arabian), Jasper (Arabian) SpyHunter (Arabian) Zeus (Arabian, also SpyHunter's twin), Josue (Arabian).
 Lil' Drummer Boy (Appaloosa).
Note: not all of my uni stallions will be in the Saddle Club Special's tab, they will be in their specified breed tab like the TB uni's will be in the Saddle Club Thoroughbred tab and etc. 
 Also my other stallions are available as well. 
I mainly breed Arabians, Appaloosa's and Thoroughbreds!! They are all pure:)(except Varis Arabian/Appaloosa)  if you are interested in breeding with them just PM me!!! 

      2. Myself:
I'll tell you a little about myself. I am from Arkansas and a football fan! My college favorite is the Razorbacks and NFL is the Dallas Cowboys. I am a nice person once you get to know me and I love to talk about random things! I am child number 5 of 8 in my family, the youngest is 9 and the eldest is 31 and I have two nieces.
 I also come from a military family so I know some things about Wars and stuff. My father  retired in 2016 and my brother is a Lt. and has been on two deployments. He was deployed to Poland and Germany and has just returned home, safe and sound :) . 
 On my mother's side of the family they are all redneck, no their necks aren't painted red, it just means they are tough skinned, aren't quite as easily offended, they prefer living in small towns and big farms with cattle and horses then a city.
On my father's side I don't know much about them, I do have one uncle, whom I'm not sure of his whereabouts, a grandmother who lives a solitary life( tbh Ive never met her in my life) and perhaps a few cousins. But I do know this, I'm Scottish, Indian(Cherokee), German, and British. (I also found out I’m Irish, what luck!!!)
 I like country, Christian and Disney music. I am also a fan of a couple of gamers (what can I say? I get bored watching the news lol), Markipler and Jacksepticeye. 

I am against horse slaughter and I am a Christian so I know that God is my King and I will serve no one else, and I believe He made the heavens and the earth and all creation and mankind in seven days!! Also (no offense to anyone) I don't agree with the same-sex rights or marriage that has happened in my country (USA) and many other things I know are stupid and wrong. 

I like to draw, go riding, hiking, bake cakes and cookies and many other things. If you want to know more just ask! I love to chat:)
3. Wedding updates(so far lol:))
hello, for those that don't know I got engaged to the best man in the world in November of 2019 at Silver Dollar City and here's a few things that are gonna happen, we've picked a venue, theme, colors and ideal design. Right now till the middle of 2020 everything is flexible but theme is Lord of the Rings/Elven style and the colors are gonna be varying shades of gold, silver and green. The Venue is at a state park in Arkansas called Petit Jean State Park, it has a gorgeous setting that kinda gives an elvish look and natural beauty, there maybe a live horse or two;) 
if you've seen Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, then that should give you an ideal look of what I'm trying to go for!!!! lol

I love to watch classic tv shows and movies like Bonanza (tv show) Spider-man 1-3 (2002-2005 i think) Lord of the Rings 1-3 (movie) Indiana Jones series (movie and tv show) Liar, Liar(movie) and the Saddle Club (tv show) are just to name a few!

Howrse News: 

I'm looking for a DA horse, I don't care what breed or color, I prefer it to be not a gelding(I will think about it) I do strongly prefer a mare or stallion, I am more likely to trade something for it if you have one and if you dont want it or your quitting(unless your doing a giveaway) just PM me, thank you and have a blessed day:)