Hi, my name is terrier and I have an RC collecting problem. I love collecting the 100 copy coats, and my lovely Spring usually Rays them, but she is so behind I really need to fire her. I am interested in adding to my collection, but I will ONLY buy purebred horses with RCs... (sorry, but I'm a purebred snob). I offer a reasonable price, and am open to negotiations on coats I have DUPLICATES of
My breeding partner SpringerGirl and I have been working together for many years... so many even she's forgotten! Right now we are breeding unicorns. We always breed under the affix "Shadows", and have done Mustangs, Marwaris, Paints, Tennessee Walkers, and now Appaloosas. We will occasionally have some foals for sale, but we don't have a GP release
I used to breed competitively with MRSA Marwaris, and with a few others in the past. I always fully BLUP before breeding my horses. I often have sales on unicorn rejects, and a few others. I am open to some negotiations, but be aware I will not reply to lowball offers
>Hi! I am an adult female who lives in Kansas. I have been on Howrse for many years, and have experience with lots of different breeds. I will always have a soft spot for Paints and Marwaris, but I have dabbled in several others, usually with my Breeding Partner SpringerGirl. I sadly do not have any horses of my own right now, but I grew up around them. I do have 2 dogs, a Rat Terrier is named Mickey, and a Great Dane named Diesel.  I lost my best buddy Spirit in 2017, but he will always be in my heart. You can see all of them in my avatar, made for me by the lovely ttsgirl.