I'll train your horse, message me with a link to the horse if interested.

Stop looking through my horses and sending offers on them. Consider this the warning, I'm reporting everyone from now on. I find it rude and disrespectful, I worked hard for my horses, so if they're not in the sales, they're not for sale.

Defrost Frost for a chance to win a Hypnos' Blanket:

Congratulate Topaz for a chance to win equus or a diamond:
Topaz #1
Topaz #2
Topaz #3
Topaz #4
Topaz #5

Answer Archimedes' question correctly to win an aging point:
Archimedes #1
Archimedes #2

Stroke Xanthos for a chance to win a Horn of Plenty:
Xanthos #1
Xanthos #2
Xanthos #3
Xanthos #4
Xanthos #5