I'm looking for a good background for some of my divines, if you know of a good one for them, please let me know, as of now I'm looking for Venus, Mars, and Croesus.

All horses in the for sale tab are for sale. All of the unicorn males are about 55k, so if you're interested pm me. I buy all unicorns for 35k, so reserve them and pm me if you are selling, thank you. 

My Shagaya Arabian Unicorn, Enceladus is always offering coverings, and I try to have some out at all times, coverings are 1500e a piece, so if you'd like me to reserve one directly to your uni, just pm me we can work it out, since I know there are times he has no coverings left out there.

The goal is to own all the Solar System divines, all that's left is to get: Io, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, and Mercury.

Defrost Frost for a chance to win a Hypnos' Blanket:

Congratulate Topaz for a chance to win equus or a diamond:
Topaz #1
Topaz #2
Topaz #3
Topaz #4
Topaz #5

Answer Archimedes' question correctly to win an aging point:
Archimedes #1
Archimedes #2

Stroke Xanthos for a chance to win a Horn of Plenty:
Xanthos #1
Xanthos #2
Xanthos #3
Xanthos #4
Xanthos #5