Happy Day to All!  I would appreciate any and all help with getting my races running again... Gallop (500 - 1000) Trot (500 - 1000) Jumping (298.2 - 598.50) Thanks a million to all!!!!                                                                              

 You are welcome to copy anything you like. I will return any congratulations I see, feel free to ask any questions...I will happily pass on any information I have.  Special thanks to my horse buddies, even though we may not chat every day, its a pleasure when we do...

Sapphire Shadow- Be in peace. You are sorely missed.69dfdf4e6a7c8489262f9d8b9958c9b3.png?32678593

Balico- Thanks for  making me laugh when people forget that this is a game and we should all be having some boootiful fun.

Irishnut- Thanks for always being so kind and generous. Good bye, You will be missed.4f8bc8dff741273ca7c8ae63f8fb9e79.png?1819265302

26126187.gif Please help this penguin dance around the world of Howrse.


26126187.gif               j6hohi.gifGo Kitty Go!  animated%20puppy.gif


Gypsy VannerOwned by Villa VannersPictures courtesy of Sissy Long Stockings, the baby and Mama Gypsy Vanners were just too cute to pass up.