Not actually active right now, may or may not ever return.  If you've something to sell, contact Petsrok because she's lovely and deserves all the things. If you're angry that you messaged me and I never responded, please discuss this issue with a professional and leave me out of it.  No, I'm not to the point of deleting my game yet and if I ever do get to that point I will give my stuff to the people I actually know, so don't even ask.  Seriously, do you drive around town asking people who are moving out of their home if you can have their dining set?  You do?  Weirdo.

If you're currently on FR, I'm not houndsofgrey over there but if you don't mind waiting you can message me here and I'll see it in a month or two and will contact you over there.  Maybe we can work something out ;)