The Company of Fairplay blup, age, and breed by hand rather than using scripts. We are proud to present to you quality Thoroughbreds bred by a team with integrity. 

Considering putting one of my DA in the auctions for passes (under the This 'n' That > DA sales tab), if there's enough interest. Feel free to message me if you're interested in any of them.

Most of my retired coats are for sale (including several low use pre CS coats), many have companions on, including hogs. Some will also have retired backgrounds. I'm still in the process of moving them to the Sales Barn tabs and renaming them, before putting them up for sale. 

If you see a retired coat and/or companion you like, please make a sensible offer to include passes. I will hold horses for a period of time for trustworthy players, particularly those I've dealt with before. Please note that I do not do "trades". Horses in my "Dear to me" tab are not for sale at any price.

I am proud to have been a part of Excelsis Deo, the Thoroughbred team which brought you Howrse's very first green star horses back in 2007, which closed its breeding program in March 2016.  I took an extended break from Howrse due to personal commitments and am grateful for my former team mates' understanding and friendship. Excelsis Deo was often tested and challenged, but never defeated.