Special thanks to the best player & friend on the game

Hi there! I am a young adult player, who resides in the rainy UK. I am owned by 2 horses, a dog and a needy male thing who is sometimes more hard work than the others. I am usually quite busy these days, and just tend to only come on the game for my teams and friends. I am open and friendly and I tend to answer most PMs. I am, however, a bit of a closed book. If I don't know you well, or if I don't want to talk, I may not reply. I may just be busy, so if it is important, feel free to shoot me another PM and I will try my best to answer. 
Inferno - Inferno is a current top tier Selle team. We fluctuate between #1 and #2. I, myself, started this team back in August 2015, back when Selle Francias were first introduced to the server. I started the team with my friends from Revolution KWPNs as we made the decision to switch breeds. Inferno is one of the longest standing selle teams on the server. We are a group of tight knit friends, seeing where we go, not worrying about tops and enjoying the breed.
Inferno skillers can be found in Direct sales ONLY. Recruitment for Inferno is currently
CLOSED, however, we are always on the look out for dedicated members. PM myself or Ruffian if you have any inquiries regarding Inferno.
Jaded Rising - The #1 Lusitano team. Lusitanos are the best choice for Thursday's Dressage Prix and Dressage rosettes. All Skillers can be found in Direct sales ONLY. We are always on the look out for dedicated members, previous team experience required, trustworthiness is a must. PM delyth if you have any inquiries regarding Jaded.  

* I am always buying BMI. If you have any for sale, please PM me. I especially look out for MAs, bolts and 5th elements. Occasionally, hestias.
* Absolutely NO covers will be given, regardless of if the GP is top at all. 
* No, no, no and no again. If it's not in sales it's not for sale. Do NOT ask.
* No I don't want to buy your horse, I don't care if it's a one of a kind or if it's yellow with pink polka dots.
* No I won't give you my TC, a pass , or whatever else you want to beg for. 
* Anyone who does not follow my simple rules above will be blocked, no questions asked. If you try to beg or ask to buy things, I may even report, too.