My main (and only) claim to fame is that I have a collection of purple equines (mostly purple coats from golden apples). :-D 

They are in the "✰THE PURPLE PREOCCUPATION✰" tab.  Updates in my forum here.


Horses with purple golden apples that I don't have for 60k (unskilled) or more, possibly more depending on skills etc. Will pay more if skilled, blupped etc. Will pay 500 + 1 pass if it has desired coat, MA and NO stone (must be mortal).  LIST HERE.

100 BLUP (or 20 win) Drafts and Donkeys with no coverings left (10-20k or less). 

Any Grand Prix award winners (for up to low equus + 2 passes, depending or up to 300k). 

Looking for Apollo's lyres - will exchange bell boots/


Most horses in the Purple Preoccupation and Wonders, Champions, Memories tabs are generally not for sale with some exceptions (duplicates, good offers on non-retired coats etc). Purple Retired Coats are NOT for sale unless I am selling a duplicate.. 


Unicorn Fails listed starting at 2000e (2500e reserved). Prices varies. I have a penchant of breeding unis on sometimes significant (holidays mostly) or interesting dates so I may have horses born on those dates. 

I currently breed mostly Newfoundland unicorns (and occasionally Canadian unis). I rarely sell unicorns but I may (unless uni has a retired purple coat) with the right offer. PM me about it. I only breed unicorns on select dates, because you know, unicorn breeding needed an extra challenge :-P.  

I may sell unicorns of Australian Pony, Arab and occasionally other breeds from time to time.


I collect purple coats (retired and non-retired, I'm just not in a hurry with the latter..) and purple divines. It used to be on skilled/blupped horses, but I have gotten somewhat lazy with that....although I have been training/blupping a few. I have been collecting purple horses since 2010, See here for updates. 

I used to be more active on here . I am currently kind of dormant (though I log in regularly, usually daily). Sometimes I am more active. 

Yes, I've been here since 2007 (it was quite different back then!). Although I don't think I actually played a lot until 2008... I miss the times, way back when when it was easy to sell a good horse for passes....

I killed off my foundation howrse for a measly pass (sigh, they weren't immortal then) but Celeris was my first horse (which I bought) to ever get anywhere. He peaked at 4th on the Cross Country wins ranking board. Though he has been retired and fairly non-competitive for many years, he still ranks within the top 200 in Cross Country wins. 

Surprise, surprise, my favourite colour is purple! Shocking, I know


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