My main (and only) claim to fame is that I have a collection of purple equines (mostly purple coats from golden apples). :-D 

They are in the "THE PURPLE PREOCCUPATION" tab.  Updates in my forum here.


Most horses in the Purple Preoccupation and Wonders, Champions, Memories tabs are generally not for sale with some exceptions (duplicates, good offers on non-retired coats etc). Purple Retired Coats are NOT for sale unless I am selling a duplicate.. 


Unicorn Fails listed starting at 2000e (2500e reserved). Prices varies. I have a penchant of breeding unis on sometimes significant (holidays mostly) or interesting dates so I may have horses born on those dates. 

I currently breed mostly Newfoundland unicorns (and occasionally Canadian unis). I rarely sell unicorns but I may (unless uni has a retired purple coat) with the right offer. PM me about it. I only breed unicorns on select dates, because you know, unicorn breeding needed an extra challenge :-P.  

I may sell unicorns of Australian Pony, Arab and occasionally other breeds from time to time.


Usually willing to trade
1 Nyx pack (I give) for 2 Harmony Packs (you give me)
1 M.Arms (I give) for 2 Golden Apples (you give me)
Bell boots for lyres

It may not be up. PM if you want to trade GA or Harm packs for items. 


I collect purple coats (retired and non-retired, I'm just not in a hurry with the latter..) and purple divines. It used to be on skilled/blupped horses, but I have gotten somewhat lazy with that....although I have been training/blupping a few. I have been collecting purple horses since 2010, See here for updates. 

I used to be more active on here . I am currently kind of dormant (though I log in regularly, usually daily). Sometimes I am more active. 

Yes, I've been here since 2007 (it was quite different back then!). Although I don't think I actually played a lot until 2008... I miss the times, way back when when it was easy to sell a good horse for passes....

I killed off my foundation howrse for a measly pass (sigh, they weren't immortal then) but Celeris was my first horse (which I bought) to ever get anywhere. He peaked at 4th on the Cross Country wins ranking board. Though he has been retired and fairly non-competitive for many years, he still ranks within the top 200 in Cross Country wins. 

Surprise, surprise, my favourite colour is purple! Shocking, I know

I am an adult player.


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