Whoever is the 25,000 person to congratulate me will get a BM item as a gift

Please inform me if you are the 25,000 person, encase I miss you

CURRENTLY:  Buying all horses 3,500e and under, please reserve and message me to let me know! :) I am a generous person, and always will be. But please do not attempt to reserve horses for silly prices and expect me to buy because 'you need it' and get offended when I don't. 935cc82ef2748ac36d8c208173df154a.png

On the lookout for a Metal element to complete my collection! Please message me if you have one for sale (01/07/2020)

Please Note: 
If I buy a horse from the sales, it is mine. I will unfortunately not give them back. Please, please be careful when selling your horses - Checking price and reservations! I have made this mistake on about five times previously, and not once has anyone else returned, so unfortunately this is the case now for me.