Hey there! I'm Samsung25!


I'm not all too new to this game. I've actually been on since 2009, but I haven't really been too active. I am a legal adult just to inform you. Although, Im just a kid still to most adults. Of cores I have three Mini Pembroke Welsh corgis that I love to pieces and two royal pains (cats). I currently do not ride, but i do plan on starting again. Friend request are always welcome. So are PMs. I don't bite. Pinky Promis.

 I am ALWAYS willing to help others. If you need to sell a howrse, I'll buy it( no passes) Need advice? Feel free to ask. are you looking for a skiller for your Equestrian Center? Reserve a spot and I'll fill it as fast as possible. I trade tickets when that time rolls around.

I generally always have howrses for sale in the Direct sales. Most of the time they are negotiable, However that does not mean they are for free. Many of the prices are based of the going rate in the sales. If you are interested in a howrse that I am asking passes for, please keep in mind that I vales one pass at 100,000e. I will take bm trades, however, they must be one(or more) of the items listed below.

I buy BMs


   Current Promotions: NONE

             -If you are having a contest please PM me all the information and banner(if there are any) and then I will notify you when it has been posted(: