About Me

My Howrse Life

I'm a 22 year old American, who used to do Taekwondo, and achieved a camo (4th) belt. Now I study and do research on current graphics cards, processors, motherboards, and other computery-type stuff. I don't play many games, just Team Fortress 2 and Minecraft at the moment, and its very difficult to get me into new things. Because of that I also don't read or watch TV other than for pure background sound. I do have Anxiety and Depression, but its way better than it used to be. I also tend to be on the more serious-side, so I probably won't use emoticons or anything if we talk.

At the moment, my goal is to make the best E.C. that I can. I'm not really focused on breeding horses (I've had the same horses pretty much since I started). Once I get that as big as I can be, then maybe I'll get back into breeding elite horses. I do collect divines, but I don't buy them in sales. I only try to get them as the original owner. That's more of a sense of accomplishment than just clicking a single button in the sales.

Divines Currently Bred by Me (Specials Tab)