Hello everyone,

I want to say Thank You to everyone who has helped my nephew. He is off oxygen, his renal failure is clearing and he may get to come home tomorrow. Thank you each and everyone.  May you all be blessed in the new year and forever. a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336_v1582023526.png

If you have horses that are a Genetic Potential lower than 8000, please pair it with a horse that is higher than 12000 GP.  I am trying to make sure that I have enough of everything for everybody. Thank You for boarding at my E.C. 
I am trying to keep my prestige up to 75 or higher. I have troughs and showers in most boxes, except the new ones.  I try not to extend past four months all at once. 
If you need anything or if you see I do not have what you need, please feel free to pm me. 0bcb59b20b3d6ca052d914412ddf00ab_v1582023526.png