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Lovely Jaded Hunters is recruiting, send all inquiries to sofizzy.

Application and Requirements
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Key facts:
Age:23 I am currently finishing my final year of college, I am majoring in Psychology(switched from Pre-veterinary medicine). I currently work at an animal hospital and sometimes take unexpected breaks from the game.
Current Teams: Jaded Irish Hunters.
Previous Groups- Northern Royalty Canadians(most recent), Canadian Storm, Seeing Spots Appaloosas, Blazers Quarter Horses, Masquerade Knabstruppers, Sikoa Arabians.

Considering reviving the Canadian Storm group(what can I say, I was a co-founder, that team will always be my lil baby), PM me if you are interested in undertaking this endeavor with me and/or if you are an old member of Canadian Storm wanting to help out ;)

So Hi! I am winstin17(duhh), my real name is Aiko but you can call me Winnie. I am legally an adult, mentally I may be slightly less mature, I am attending college, currently and animal and veterinary sciences major, probably changing to something else in the Environmental and Life Sciences. . I live in the United States and love One Direction, horses, field hockey, running, music, art and lacrosse and soccer. Clearly I like a lot of things. Anyhow. I'm a friendly person most of the time and love to talk :) . I also like giving advice so yeah. 
Hey! Basically don't ask for freebies, horses or anything because the answer is no. :) In addition realize I have a real life and am not always online. ANY HARASSMENT WILL BE REPORTED I DON'T TRADE HORSES 
I am currently in the Lovely Jaded Hunters Breeding Group. I have been in many breeding groups in the past. Previous Breeding groups:I'm Seeing Spots, Blazers Quarter Horses, Sikoa Arabians, Canadian Storm. Hello King's Cross as well.