Happy New Year!!!

News and random things....

January 28, 2023:  We will be getting the new RV out soon and I can’t wait.  Had to cancel our hike and our trip to Pacifica.  We are doing the JMT hike in July 2023 and we are headed to Pacifica March 3rd.  

May 13, 2022:  Trips for 2022 include going to the Men's National Basketball Championship in New Orleans in April to watch KU win the whole thing!!!  Visiting Mesa Verde, The Grand Canyon and San Diego in May.  Hiking 210 miles of the John Muir Trail with my niece and best friend in August.  Staying with great college friends in Pacifica, CA in September and who knows after that.

November 1, 2021:  My husband and I bought a 2022 Leisure Unity RV and cannot wait to travel around the US.  We can take our 4 chihuahuas with us!

October 16, 2021:  Fall is here in Kansas.  KU basketball has started and my Dad and I are excited to attend games in person.  RCJH go KU.  

Update for objective:  March 15, 2021:  covid 1 year later.  Ready for life to be back to normal.

August 10, 2020.  Still on the game.  Still.  Lol. Maybe I’ll quit someday. 

It’s April 27, 2020. I can’t believe I am still on this game.

New update... April 26, 2019. Don't play as much. Not very exciting..

It's now November 19th, 2017.  I now have horses with close to 13000 in skills   I had horses with skills over 3000 way back Feb. 2013.  February 28th, 2012 I had skills of 2000.    

In January of 2013, I stopped using traditional names for my horses.  I now use symbols only.

I joined this game while hanging out with my Aunt and grandparents in St. Petersburg, FL in June 2009.

Send me aging points if you don’t use them please.  :0)