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~Need foal games schedule? Watch a video tutorial instead! Message me for the link on HH.


My accounts on the other version were deleted due to inactivity. I did recreate my account on US Howrse under Jessica27. This and US Howrse are the only servers I'm on.

As the owner of HowrseHelper, I will gladly answer any PMs asking about game play or EC help and layout questions. :)
~Banners from Others~

Thank you to the following players for these nice banners! (No specific order)

Thank you to Satkin for surprising me with a 1500 days banner!

Thanks to the sweetest play, HORSE ALIEN for this lovely banner:


Thanks for the clever banner, Izzafield_4Ever


Thanks to CharlotteJayne99 for this banner!

Thanks to sauvageaua for this beautiful banner!

Thanks to Roseyosy for this great banner!

Thanks evie_2010 for this pretty banner!!

Thank you to bailee_boo12 for this sweet banner!

Thanks to x-ella-x for this awesome banner!

And thanks to Adamfan1 for this banner!

Thanks to ganeyquest for this one! 8577520177165776.png

Thank you kumkum123456789!
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~BM Trading~

I will occasionally add BM items to the exchanges for the right price.
The Horses

I'm not on Howrse as much as I was previous years, so I don't care for my horses. I keep my high skilled horses to help run my EC competitions and to improve my game ranking. I have a few pass horses laying around, but I never seem to take the time to care for them.

My only divines/wilds include Chiquitin, Greyfell, Venus, Uranus, Sorraia, Garrano, and Namibian

Horses for Sale

PM me an offer on a horse if you would like, but I can't guarantee that I'll sell it. Offers are accepted on any foals!
~Game Updates~
Not promising this will always be updated...x)

October 31: I have a blog online that I update instead, encouraging me to post more often. Let me know if you'd like the link!

June 28: Working on improving my ranking. I had some extra time recently so I've been training horses, fixing up my EC, and selling horses.

April 21:
I finished taming Sorria who is numbered at 270. I was hoping to get into a higher ranking, but 270 is perfect as it matches my user name :)

April 8:
Last time I actually played on Howrse was probably back in December/January. With the new Wandering Horses promotion, I decided to bring my game back up a bit as I updated my site. Because of saving aging points, it only took a few hours to get Helios. I bought 50 points in the flash sales for 3,000e for Dionysus and only have to open 2 more HOP for Hephaestus. Hopefully the secret horse won't prevent me from getting all the wandering horses. I also finally took the time to redo my coding today. Last time I created a separate table for each text box and it was too hard to edit. Now I was able to combine all my coding and it's a breeze.


November 26
: Got my EC running again in just one day - boxes are taken as soon as I add a new one. My personal ranking improved by 400 points as well.

November 23: I took a long break from Howrse...catching up now. Objectives are completed at last! I held off on #90 and luckily found a HOP in my inventory today to use to complete the objective my first try. Working on bringing my EC back up and training some horses.

June 24: Finally shaping my EC back into shape as well as working on improving my game.

May 29:
I knew this wouldn't get updated xD Then again, I haven't been on much. I'm hoping to complete major changes in a month.

April 22:
Dizzy Spells reached 100 BLUP! Went on several congratulation sprees today as well. Also hunting for some top skilled horses!
April 21:
Dizzy Spells is completely trained! Just need a few more wins till 100 BLUP.

April 20: First unicorn bred! (Dizzy Spells)Right after the probability was changed.
~My Services~
~Entering Your EC Comps~

After I updated my EC tip page on my blog, HowrseHelper, I decided I'll reach out even more. 

I'll enter my skilled horses in your race! (Classical riding only!) Send me a message on Howrse titled "EC Competitions" and include the following: **Your race must be open when you message me!

EC Name:

Competition(s): gallop, trot...etc

Which horse you'd like me to enter(listed below)*:

*If you do not list a horse from the below options, I'll be unable to enter your competition. Keep in mind if there is a breed restriction or too high of a skill requirement for your competition. I'm providing this list so you can check that a horse is compatible with your race. Here are the horses I can enter: This is a complimentary service; I ask for you to spread word of HH in return! I will check these messages once a night so I can enter all competitions at once.

I no longer create custom layouts but I have several free layouts available. (PM me)

-when editing your HTML coding, save the coding every so often so if a mistake is made, it will be easier to find

-don't look at the normal mode and think it's incorrect - save it to check the placement of your text boxes. My layout in the normal mode does not look the same as the final product.

-take breaks; looking at coding for too long causes mistakes to occur more often
-if your HTML code is incorrect, feel free to send it to me to look over; maybe I can find the mistake

-when typing coding, leave an empty line between tables or text boxes to make it easier to edit/read
~Stepping Stones Stable~
SSS has 18 meter boxes, showers, carrots, health mashes, rotated meadows, and 54e lessons / .242 skill gain.
If anyone has a high skilled horse (3500+ skills or 1800+ in Dressage) please PM me about boarding. I always have a box or two reserved for an extra horse

Best Prestige: 79%
^As of July 5th, 2010^
~Layout made by and for Jessica27 only~