We also have several Unicorns wandering around our land,  around our lake and pastures,  nibbling on the lush grass growing around the edges.

This was our first one.


Then one night we noticed this guy hanging around.  He seemed nice,  but we couldn't figure out why the Uni Mare seemed so shy around him,  and went into hiding when ever he showed up.


Then one night this big guy showed up,  and attacked the black Uni.  You could hear the battle from a mile away.

The next day this is what we found.


Then we understood why she was shy of the big black Uni. She already had a mate. This is where we got the pic for our EQ center page.

We have some update pictures for you,  since baby was born.


This is mom and baby,  shortly after he started coming out for us to see.

Here's mom and Dad one morning.


Here's mom and Dad one evening,  standing in the water on the edge of the lake.  And one by the waterfall on the west side of the property.

unicorns-4.jpg       th3e112ff5.jpg

 Mom sleeping with baby in the bluff East of the lake.  Unfortunately baby is on the other side of her and we couldn't see him.



Finally we got a picture of baby. This was taken several months after being born.   But he's not so small anymore.  In fact,  on getting a better look,  he turned out to be "she".  We are quite excited over it.  Perhaps the big black Uni will mate with her.

Here's one,  just of Dad.

Here's another of mom and filly.  Quite grown up now.



My daughter came to visit a lot,  and we had the rare opportunity of catching her feeding this Stallion.  She told us we had several Unicorns on our land,  and this wasn't our Dad.  But another young Unicorn around 3 years old.  We figure it must be from a few years ago,  before we built our Equestrian center here.  This land hadn't been developed,  and has many secrets.

Some one showed us other pictures of scary Unicorns, and this ghost horse.  As well as a fire horse,  that used to wander around our land,   but we haven't seen any ourselves.  Perhaps us moving here scared them away.



We hope you like the history of the last few years,  since we moved here.

We'll try and keep everyone updated.  Also as of last count,  we find we have 2 filly's,  2 mares,  3 Stallions,  and 3 colts.  All Unicorns,  and all grown up now.