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Retired coat buying list with coat name´s.
Please note this list is very long, all coats I am missing are pre-creation space coats below 28 uses, so if you're uncertain if you have one I might be looking for if it fulfils those criteria's you're very welcome to ask me.
I am buying the following retired coat´s for 1.500.000e or 2500 passes each:
1136-normal.jpgRiding Horse
Paint Arabian          Paint Dancer            
Riding pegasusRiding HorsePony
The Underworld Gatekeeper Black Rainbow    A Lost Love McLeod
Riding HorseRiding Horse
  Lightning Arab  Buckskin Pinto Arab  
Riding HorseRiding Horse
   Akhal-teke                Starburst
Riding HorseRiding HorsePonyPegasus pony

girls best friend  Cherry bay Arabian The Patwork Pony Palomino peaguses. 
Riding HorseRiding HorseRiding HorseRiding Horse
Kiger Mustang        Sterling Sliver             Emmett             Humphrey          
  Riding HorseRiding HorseRiding pegasusPony
    Blue boy            sweet thing        Soaring Gypsy Vanner A Famous McLeod  

PonyRiding HorseRiding HorseRiding Horse
 Patient Pony                    Argentin        Blue Fire               SierraMist
Riding HorseRiding HorseRiding HorseRiding Horse
    Rebel Scout          The Black Knight   MoonDancer    Sport Horse
Unicorn ponyRiding pegasusRiding HorseRiding Horse
 Graceful Unicorn    golden touch        Blood Rash        Sterling Silver
Riding pegasusRiding HorsePonyRiding Horse
  Starlight              Black Knight          Mini Me                  Icy Abyss 
Riding HorseRiding HorseRiding Horse
       Jumper                 Happy            Ice Cyborg
Riding HorseRiding HorseRiding HorseRiding Horse
        Am I Blue?        SilverChesnut   Over the Rainbow   Attentive  

PonyRiding HorseRiding HorsePony
Under the Sea       Misty Blue          Galaxy         The highest jumping PONY
Riding HorseRiding HorseRiding Horse
 Bay Beauty          preskool picture        Arabian Dream
Riding HorseRiding HorseRiding HorseRiding Horse
Celtic Heritage Sea Breeze Hippocampus Dragon's Wind flying w/out wings

Riding HorseRiding pegasusRiding HorseRiding Horse
 Golden Beauty     'A' Flutter           Metallica     Every Dawn Every Dusk
PonyRiding HorseRiding HorseRiding Horse
  Rearing Bay        Bay Pinto                   dandelion     wild mustang
Riding HorseRiding HorsePonyRiding Horse
     Dancing in Flames  Northern Lights From deep, blue sea  Rouge 
Riding pegasusRiding HorseRiding HorseRiding Horse
  Phantom Stallion    Extra Terrestrial     BlueBaby                Snow              
Riding HorseRiding HorseRiding HorseRiding Horse
 Fresian Fire        El paso                     Hippy horse          Grey Angel 
PonyRiding HorseRiding HorseRiding pegasus
Thinkin' about it     Black's Dream        Magic Jumper  Fleeting Glance
Riding Horse Riding HorseRiding pegasus
~Woodsong~          Chrome God          Paint the Rainbow
Riding HorseRiding HorseRiding HorseRiding pegasus
Rearing Cremello   Demon Runner      Sea Monster       Bright and Shiney
Riding pegasusPonyRiding HorseRiding Horse
 Sea Horse         Dun to Perfection      Dancing       Enchanted Wind Racer
PonyRiding unicornPonyRiding Horse
 Black and Blood    Cremello Beauty          Tinker            Pink Polka dots  
PonyPonyRiding HorseRiding pegasus
          Katie                Call me Nice           Apocalypse        Sparkleeeee
Pony       Riding HorseRiding HorseRiding Horse
Bay Prance Dance! Dappled Dreams dappled beauty (arabian)Fire In The SkyPony  Riding HorseRiding Horse
Snowflake Showpony         Racer                   Sunset Dancer
Riding HorseRiding HorseRiding pegasusRiding Horse
    mouse grey baby       Black Gold       Dragonic                 Pinto
Riding HorseRiding HorseRiding pegasusRiding Horse
  phantom spot appy   Dappled Burnt Bay From The Heavens    Pride 
Riding pegasusRiding HorseRiding HorseRiding Horse
   Majestic Purple        Blue Night      Black Heart        Mystic Dreamer
Riding pegasus1056miniature2160miniature555miniature
      Mysterious Dream Black and White       Fyre!             VW Britannia's 1st
    Myth          Ghost Andalusian       Strutting Skies      Black & White 

   Carry Me Away    MidnightBlue    Running Star            Digital Pony
  Silver Dream         Devil's Luck   Running With Ice     LJ Storm
1251miniature4420miniatureRiding HorseRiding Horse
          Blue Dancer            Saix                Dark Horse     blue boy
Native American Pony   Dream In Blue   Red Roan     Southern Star
I'm comin' through!  China Plum          Autumn Dusk          Starbursts
 Victoria's Coat                   :)                      Splish Splash        Greyfire Runner
 Standing Black              Tapioca                     Cherry            Freedom Whisperer
    Tinkerbell        My first coat - fjord     Black Satin                Dun
Ghost                         Neo              Spotted Thunder    Blazin' Red Freedom
 Purple Girl              Feather Dancer      Midnight                      Hadi
Up and Dun             Cherry Racer       Brownie                  Colors of the Rainbow
1205miniature1571miniatureRiding HorseRiding Horse
Golden Gallop          Endless Summer    Sea Dragon     Equinoid Invasion
PonyPonyPonyRiding Horse
 My Pretty Pony       • Kézia •            My Golden Star        ButterShy
PonyRiding HorseRiding HorseRiding Horse
 Cute pony               *Black Beauty*  Extraordinary Dun   Defy the Ordinary
Riding HorseRiding HorseRiding HorseRiding Horse
Sapphire Arabian   Chestnut Warmblood  Flaming Out   ForestFire
Riding HorseRiding HorseRiding HorseRiding Horse
Hearts on Fire  Arabian Flames  Magic Make You Laughing Last Of The Grass
Riding HorseRiding HorseRiding HorseRiding Horse
 Prince                 Greenstar                  Sensation   Black Painted Mustang
PonyRiding pegasusPonyRiding Horse
Little pony             Feather Dancer    Palomino Pony          Golden Gallop
Riding unicornRiding HorseRiding HorseRiding Horse
 Dark Moon Tonight   heart of Bronze Seabiscuit Wild n' Free  Sitting Pretty
Riding HorseRiding HorseRiding pegasusPony
 Greyfire Runner     Red Roan     Fire Dancer               Buckskin Pony
Riding HorsePonyPonyPony
 Spaz                        Purple Lilly          Scruffy Pony            after eight
Riding unicornPonyPonyPony
Dark Moon Unicorn    Shetlandspony   Painted Pony    Bucky Bay
Riding HorsePonyRiding HorseRiding Horse
 StrawberryGem        Gallopy            Norwegian Fjord        FireStar
PonyPonyRiding HorseRiding Horse
Dainty Grey             Digital Pony        Black Magic          Sea Horse
Riding HorseRiding pegasusRiding HorseRiding pegasus
 Midnight Blue          Here's Humphrey  Royal Pinto      Opal
Riding HorseRiding HorseRiding HorseRiding pegasus
Caledonia            Flames of Rebirth     Standing Black      Firefly
Riding HorseRiding pegasusRiding HorseRiding Horse
 galloping rainbow   Purple Moon     My Coat        Runaway horse
PonyRiding HorseRiding Horse
 Casper the Friendly Ghost   twilight   Santa Lucia    

I am missing a lot more of the below 2 uses pre-creation space coats if you have one with under 2 uses you would like to sell you are very welcome to contact me and ask if I'm interested.

I will always pay
1.500.000e or 2500 passes each for these:
PonyRiding Horse
     SnowHorse          White Dream
Unicorn ponyRiding HorseRiding Horse   
        Legionnaire       Black Nemesis     Timekeeper