THANK YOU to all who have been praying for Rancher 1, he had his Kidney biopsy in June and there was no cancer thank God!

Since then his function has come up slowly, so he isn't facing dialysis thank the Lord! Thank you for ongoing prayers for him he is having issues with puffiness in his feet and legs, we need his kidneys to bounce back so badly.


 I am 49yr. old who is a 24 year happily married girl who though currently living in the Valley of the Sun in Arizona.I feel quite misplaced as my Aquarius heart craves living by water and beautiful greenery. Born a farmers Granddaughter in rural north eastern Colorado, lived there until I was 16 and my Mother transplanted us in this desert home for better jobs. I did well and bloomed, learning to swim, become a slightly competitive cyclist riding in charity races and got to own and ride horses finally in my life after loving horses since I was old enough to know what they were. Severe asthma restricted me from them and most pets all my childhood. Met and married the one and only love of my life who used to play here on Howrse as Rancher 1 until 10-2018. We had many years of riding together doing Team Penning together, riding mounted security and doing Tracking for Search and Rescue for a few years before a bad horse accident in 2004 brought my riding days to a halt, taking half my hearing, damaging my vision, balance, spine/neck and changing my world so drastically I have not ridden since. Sadly it was a fall from my best horse ever due to faulty equipment that failed me when needed. Though my body was broken the brilliance of God in my life has come through brighter and brighter since as it was only my faith in Him and His grace, love and healing that has brought me through and sustains me still as I have under gone 8 surgeries since Jan. 2004, 3 directly related to the accident for a spinal fluid leak from my brain cavity into my sinuses from 5 concussions I suffered the day of the fall. Others from a tumor the size of an eggplant that thankfully turned out not to be not cancerous but changed my life again stealing more of my health and may soon be facing perhaps spinal surgeries and stomach surgery. I suffer frequent Migraines, chronic spinal pain, vision and balance problems from Vertigo, struggle with frequent infections including Meningitis yearly these last few years. So if I take a bit to reply please bear with me, my health can take me away for spells but I will always respond as soon as I can.
OCTOBER 2018 - My game is forever changed...I've lost my family being on here with me... my husband who was Rancher 1 (Terry) and our adult son who was Ring Side (Rob) who both played here with me from way back 2009 or so. What happened hit us hard, as many of you knew we nearly lost Terry in 2012 so after his 3 month ICU then rehab facility stays Howrse really became a large part of his occupational therapy after the 2 strokes he suffered during his Aortic Dissection & Aneurysm emergency open heart surgery. So many of you helped keep him going thru his life changes and his game's day to day things to do filled in a lot of time that was stolen with his entire left side damages and losses of ever working or riding horses again. I really hope the MANY good friend of theirs will help me honor them somehow since now their names are even erased today from all our friends lists. They both miss all their friends immensely. If anyone would like to keep in touch via our home email or FB please message me. 12/14/2018