ATTENTION: On 07/07/2016, I will be QUITTING Howrse, possibly indefinitely. Nobody will gain my horses or Black Market Items. If you don't like it, you're welcome to go cry elsewhere. WEKEK!! Regards, Karen Somerset...P.S. In short, I don't owe society Jack diddly squat! (-_-)

ATTENTION: Our planet is in danger of becoming un-inhabitable due to the climate crisis! But if we work together, we can save Earth before it's to late.

Here are 5 things everyone can do to save Earth and all of its trees, plants, and animals like horses right now...
1: Invest in clean energy technologies, like electric cars, wind-powered items, and/or solar panels and solar-powered and rechargeable equipment. Participate in Earth Hour every year by turning off your power and lights for one hour. By doing this alone, you'll be saving lots of energy!
2: Start and/or sign petitions to ban or cut back on hunting and over-fishing...Especially in countries like China, Iceland, and Japan, who still hunt whales. Whales and other animals like horses are vital to the success of many species, including people. And don't forget about petitions to put an end to animal abuse and/or neglect!
3: Head outside and volunteer to do forestry work at your local state forest, national forest or state park. Plant some trees! Clean up litter among these natural landmarks! Do whatever you can, because every little thing helps.
4: Contact your state and/or federal government officials and encourage them to cut back on things like burning fossil fuels and urban over-development. Do we really need to have major theme parks like Six Flags or Disney World? Think about it.
5: Do your own part in protecting and preserving our precious natural environment. If you go outside, please don't litter. Put your trash in trash cans and recycle whenever possible. If you're hiking, take only pictures and videos and leave no trace but footprints. Please refrain from feeding most wild animals. If you eat meat, cut back on meat consumption, if possible. And if you own or are in charge of caring for a horse, do everything possible to ensure the stallion or mare is in the best of health. The same thing applies to all pets and livestock. The animals will thank you for it.

If we all work together, we can save Mother Nature's Earth before climate change becomes to much of a problem for anyone to handle, man or animal alike! So, let's all do our part and protect our trees, plants, creatures and critters, horses included!

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Ghost #1 and Ghost #3

If you have a horse with any of these animals on it, send a PM to me.

I am going to be honest...I am NOT happy with Owlient right now. Ever since they sent me a warning about some of the content I had on my profile page and my EC page, I have been stunned. I have had such content on my presentation for a long time without any complaints from them. Then yesterday, everything changed. And because of this, I don't feel I can advertise Black Market Items for sale, even for Equus. I have NEVER sold Black Market Items for Passes. Nor did I ever have any intention of doing so. I also had no idea it was against Howrse rules to sell boxes for Passes. I thought such rules applied ONLY to Black Market Items. But because Howrse thought I was (Perhaps I forgot to omit a mention of Passes on my presentation) I will no longer be taking part in any promotions until further notice. I will also not be buying any more Passes from Owlient unless they have a special Christmas promotion where I can buy the Divine Horse of my choice. If anybody wants to know anything about Black Market Items, I encourage them to check the Black Market. If they want to know about a discontinued item or have a question which is not answered in the item's description, then I encourage them to do some research on them.

Whoo-hoo! 65th in popularity! Thanks to all who congratulated me.


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I remember when I first started playing this game...Owlient was celebrating their second birthday. Hens, Rabbits, and Falabellas were pets commonly seen in equestrian centers. Mr. and Mrs. Hubert were in charge of the stores and the stores were called 'shops'. There used to be a place called The Saddlery, where people could repair the tack they had. The horses looked really cool before they were graphically updated. The Centaur Pack was just coming out. They had veterinarians as jobs and vaccines/medicine for the flu and worms. There was a place called Howrse Quiz, where people could go to test out their knowledge of horse trivia. And finally, they had Achievements in the form of 'Levels' which could be completed for rewards. Now, even the Riding Levels are gone! So, if you remember any of this and want to engage in a little Howrse Nostalgia, then by all means, feel free to mention any part of the Howrse History listed above on your page.

Note: I am seeking certain Black Market Items only. Send me a message to find out if you have an item on sale I might be interested in buying.

Note: I always accept free aging points and droppings.