10/16/2021: Currently looking for another RP partner through Discord! Add me at RebelQueen#4975!

Finally started getting back into Howrse so I'm open to RPs and looking for more GAs and RCs!
About Me
Hello! I'm glad to see you here! T'is I! The Frenchiest Fry, sᴍoᴋᴇ! You can call me Ari, Rebel, or Smoke. I'm completely and legally an adult, according to age. So please make sure you have parental permission before contacting me! I'd rather not get in trouble lol Anyway, I'm a married woman, have an angel baby, and had our rainbow baby February 2021! I'm semi-active as of right now due to a lot of doctor visits and disability. My head has lost a few screws so now I can't work lol I'm a housewife currently, but my job is a lot harder than working, I swear. Just less people, but same amount of mess (curse how sweet my man is or else I wouldn't clean up after him lol) I'm diagnosed with depression, anorexia, and anxiety so far. Probably bipolar. Got some PTSD here and there. Ya know, the good stuff. With that said, I'm not always in the mood to talk. If I'm not, I avoid messages and anything social like the plague and watch YouTube. Please don't be offended by this if I do disappear on you for a day or two. I'm trying, I promise. It's just a war inside my head that makes me wanna sleep all day. I'm in Central USA time (Chicago) so if you message me, I might be asleep due to time zones or I'm busy trying to work on the house. I promise I don't bite though! At least, not strangers. My husband usually gets bitten though <-<
This is the best part!
Okay. I'm open for PRIVATE RPs. I'm too mobile to be in a public one a lot of the times. If you're interested, go ahead and click that "PM Me" or "Start a PRP with Me?" button and I'll get to you ASAP. I'm faster with PMs, but that "SAPRPWM" button sends you to my forum post that has a sign up so I can get to know you better! I use PMs or Discord (if we RP, I'll give you my Discord name. I'd rather not send it out for everyone to know, ya know?). Discord is usually easier for me due to the lack of restrictions and the app. I can easily get back to you while in a waiting room because I hate doctors, but I have too many mental issues to stay out of them apparently <-< Anywho!
Topics I'm interested in:
Romance (most everyone does these anyway, but I enjoy it lol)
Supernatural (Not the show. I only got to the third season before losing Netflix...)
Witch/Warlock (NOT Harry Potter. I haven't read or seen all of it. Don't hate on me)
Mix of all of the above
I'm open to new topics! I'm up for talking because I'm bored lol
My Game
I'm not competitive anymore. There's no point when I don't have enough BMIs nor am I a pass-buyer. So this account is mostly for RPs and talking. I'm always up for that! RPs are mostly Discord nowadays because Howrse's rules got a bit ridiculous in my opinion. All well.