I'm not very active on here, but I am active on Discord if you'd like to add me and be friends! I'm mostly doing RPs on there, though haha My Discord name is halloweenqueen4975 with Queen of Chaos as the display name! Feel free to add me and we can talk!
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Hello! T'is I, the Frenchiest fry, sᴍoᴋᴇ! I'm a simple woman (she/her) living as a mom to an amazing baby! I have an angel baby from 2019. I accept all friend requests, but please be active! I will delete people who haven't been online for at least 10 days unless I know you in RL and know what's going on! Don't be afraid to message me, but please have parental consent if you're a minor. I go by Ari, Smoke, or Rebel. I'm part of the LGBTQ+, so you're always welcomed to message me if you need someone to talk to! I do have some mental and physical health problems. Mentally, it's bipolar II, severe anxiety, depression, and PTSD from a previous relationship. Physically, I have fibromyalgia, arthritis, PCOS, and a pinched nerve in my back. I don't have disability, but it's okay. I am semi-active on Howrse due to doctors and my baby, so I usually check it once a day (unless I have time to check more often!) Some days, I have no energy or I hurt too bad to type, but I try to push through for my people. If you'd like to become one of my people, shoot me a message! I don't bite... usually XD
Currently: ONLINE; "Let it hurt, then let it go."; Currently working weekends, so I won't be available much during weekend nights. If you need to reach me, message on Discord please!
Updated: 05/13/2024
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Check out Arrow.Mustangs for RPs and chats! She's awesome!

Check out Ꮍꭺꮻꭲꮻꮇꭼ for graphics! Make sure to donate where you can!

Check out my Discord! I'm on daily and always up for chatting and making new friends!: halloweenqueen4975

Fandoms I'm in:
Fruits Basket (anime)
Horimiya (anime)
Tokyo Ghoul (anime)
My Hero Academia (anime)
Final Fantasy (game)
Devil May Cry (game; DMC5 is currently favorite from this game series)
Dragon Age (game; Dragon Age: Inquisition and Dragon Age II are current favorites right now XD)
Mortal Kombat (game)
Will add to this list later ^^^
I'm semi-active currently, but I've been getting online a bit more to do congratulation sprees haha I'm currently into Fjords for the time being, but that could change at any time XD I keep switching after a bit. I'm thinking of doing Misakis here soon, but I haven't decided. I would have to work from the bottom Foundation Misaki to a better one haha If you'd like any Divine coverings that I have, it's 7500e each! Anyway, I'm mostly on here to do role-plays on Discord. My Discord is halloweenqueen4975 and my display name is Queen of Chaos XD But feel free to message me (with permission if you're a minor!) to chat or start an RP or what have you lol
Role-plays are currently OPEN for the time being. I have availability in RPs currently! Feel welcomed to message me here or on Discord! Again, my Discord is halloweenqueen4975 with Queen of Chaos as my display name! Don't be shy!

Some role-plays I'm into currently:
Witches/Warlocks (Not Harry Potter)
Powered People
Romance (can be sub-genre)
Thriller (can be sub-genre)
Gangs/Mafia (I'm not exactly good at this one XD)
Murder Mystery (can be thriller)

If you're interested in starting a role-play with me, press that "Send a message" link above my profile pic! Just add that you're interested in a RP with me or let me know over Discord because I ONLY use Discord for role-plays nowadays. The app makes everything so much easier while I'm at the doctor's office compared to going onto Chrome, pulling up Howrse, and trying to answer with Howrse's blacklisted words. I am open to all M-rated scenes except for SA (if you don't know what this means, you're too young to even role-play anything of that sort.) I DO NOT DO FANDOM RPS! I'm not in a lot of fandoms anyway to do fandom RPs. I apologize if this is what you're into, but I can't get into it.