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My Dream horse is in the "Special Horses" farm her name is Africa the Queen. She was reason I started breeding Friesians. I only got into Gypsy Vanners because I needed a change from all the black coats. 

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I have recently done a bit of editing on this page, mostly just deleting some things. 

I breed Gypsy Vanners and Friesians 

I'm a 21 year old girl from New England, I like to read (fantasy, sci fi, YA of all sorts), writes (various things), go for hikes, be outdoors, climb, and basically walk everywhere I go. 

I have no horses to speak of sadly. I own a cat (Damien), and a dog (Lexi)

I go to college and I am majoring in Middle Level Education with a concentration in English and History! I love to talk about all those subjects so that would be great to PM me about if you want to get to know me more!


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tumblr_mehcw5imhy1ruznjjo1_250.gifHere, Have Some Pictures of Game of Thrones Actors that Will Break Your Brain
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