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I haven't changed this welcome banner in probably two years, so that's staying right where it is!

Anyway, I am not as active a Howrse player as I used to be, for probably a year and a half straight I didn't miss a day on this game, but unfortunately I am far more busy than I once was. 

Game wise I have pretty much stopped breeding, I am working mostly to expand my equestrian center and occasionally produce some foals. I don't sell many of my horses, so please don't make an offer. 

I've somehow never bought a pass on this game, I'm weirdly proud of that. I don't think it's a problem to take advantage of what the game has to offer, I've just never been financially able to pay for an online game. 

I'm from New England and work at a middle school. I'm a one on one para professional for twin seventh grade boys. My work is exhausting and yet rewarding. If anyone wants to talk about education or New England type things I would be game for that!

I have my Dream Horse still, Africa the Queen is in my "Special Horses" tab, she's beautiful and perfect and I am glad I started out with Friesians. 

My mother used to own a handsome gelding named Phantom Sur Ebon. There is a horse in my special horses that is a tribute to him

I have a dog named Lexi, and a cat named Damien. No horses of my own, but maybe someday. 

If anyone wants to talk about:

Heartland (The TV show)
the Artemis Fowl books
College (I made it through, but I could be of help!)
Dogs, I love them all
Books of any kind actually
Expanding my EC
Breeding Gypsy Vanners (I don't do it a lot but I still do)

Just shoot me a message!!