after a long break (forced due to circumstances) I am trying to wet my feet with this game again ... I have missed my friends heaps - i hope they forgive me for my absence. 




Please consider my time is important. Messages like -- "sup", "hey", "hello", "are you on?", "whatcha up to?", may never be answered. I am also an adult and deserve atleast SOME respect. Telling me I am old and shouldn't play the game will get you reported and blocked. 

I also refuse to do RPG- I will block anyone asking me to join them. I come here to play howrse, not pretend I am a kitty in a forest or a wolf in the desert or a shark at sea. 

 More rules to follow. 


nope, I am not agreeing to marry you - but these things I will agree to do. 

Guide people through their game with ADVICE

Answer MOST mail in a curteous and prompt manner

FILL races to help some people get their wins-ask me nicely and I will see what I can do to help. 


Sell my collections -of golden apple coats, silver apples, diamond apples, divines, specials, blupped unicorns, companioned horses, donkeys.. There are always other people selling these things - just look in the sales.

Lend grand prix horses, divines, unicorns, any howrse really unless you are family or extended family - and they rarely ask.... and when they do it is only a certain coat for an objective. 

Search for horses you want to buy. ID number will often help me, but the above rules still apply.  

Give away free stuff. I believe in the philosophy of fish, That is to say - if you GIVE a man a fish- you feed him for a day ( and he needs more fish tomorrow) but if you TEACH him HOW to fish- you will feed him AND his family for a lifetime.. he will go on fishing for himself and his family and be self sufficient- and maybe even teach other men to fish for them self! how cool would that be?

Enter your EC or profile competitions. I leave these competitions and the prizes for less fortunate players who can't get BM items any other way. 

RPG- I HATE The things- like I said before all "invitations to play" will have you blocked so you can't send me more. 

Price horses for people. If you want to use the "lucy method" of pricing horses - this is all I do. --- Look in sales as though I want to BUY the horse I am trying to sell - so I search same breed, similar GP -similar skill- similar BM items -- and price my horse to match those already in sales. --simple but effective -you should try it if you haven't already! 

Give early covers. This means covers above what team leaders have "released". Giving early covers means that my friends and team mates will not get their sales/ earn their equus for their covers with a lower GP than you are asking me for. Everyone deserves a chance to earn equus and they don't send covers early to affect my sales and covers, so I won't affect theirs. 

Share personal details like my real name or age, or details about my children ( usually). It doesn't affect your game so why do you need to know? The exception here is I have shared about woodpony2 as a lot of my friends were asking how he is during a very tough time for him. An update on my page is easier than remembering to email everyone privately, and much quicker for me too. 

Tolerate hate mail - all senders will be reported ( and loss of karma may ensue) and of course blocked so that you can't do it again. 


And now-- It's time for a giggle 


1. You can't count  your hair 

2. You can't wash your eyes with soap 

3. You can't breathe when your tongue is out 

Put your tongue back in fool. 

10 Things I know about you. 

1) You are reading this 

2) You are human. 

3) You can't say the letter ''P'' without separating your lips 

4) You just attempted to do it 

6) You are laughing at yourself 

7) You have a smile on your face and you skipped No.5 

8) You just checked to see if there is a No.5 

9) You laugh at this because you are an idiot & everyone does it too. 

10) you are probably going to send this to see who else falls for it.