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I am breeding Hanoverians since 2009.

I bought
Strawbelly Cake (named her after a German Youtuber, in case you wonder about that name - you can check her out. She is still active^^ ) to start my breeding back then and Viva Colonia became my first self-bred Hano brood mare.

At first I used the Affix
*Deutsche Springer* for my Hanoverians, however after getting my first 25* Hanoverian in 2010 I made the Affix Of the German Empire for my Hanos with over 25*.

All of my Hanoverians with those Affixes can be tracked back to
Viva Colonia, which is something I am proud of. Even though I later got a Hano mare that had a higher GP than my self-bred stock I didnt use her and kept on with my own.

I became top in both skills and GP for pure Hanoverians around February/March 2014. After that I thought about founding a Hanoverian team, which I did on 25th of March 2014, with support of my dear friend and now also co-leader

Since then I am founder and leader of
German Empire Hanoverians. We got ranked as 1st Hanoverian team in April and May 2014. Since June 2014 we are 2nd, but we still pretty much dominate the skill rankings instead. Aswell as some skill GP rankings

Our Hanoverians are also top in the Dressage GP rankings for Hanoverians since around October 2014.

I am pretty proud about everything my team achieved since it started, considering it was basically founded with my stock and all the hard work we put in them.

Personally I didnt use outside covers for my Hanos since I had 2233 GP. A little outside influence was only brought in by Seinypra up to GP around 2281, though all of those Hanos were also related to my line and I already had about 2330GP then.

So all of the
German Empire team Hanoverians are also able to be tracked back to Viva Colonia.

We are still looking for active, dedicated members with experience in breeding and blupping (any breed) to join us, so if you are intrested take a look in my forum and fill out the form.

Covers are available up to a GP of 3057.

We offer top GP covers for crosses and foundation mares.

Why Worry !

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