Hello, fellow Howrse player!

I play Howrse to relax and unwind in the little time I get after a 38+ hour work-week and all the other commitments that go with being a functional and contributing member of society.

I do not have any breeding partners nor am I looking for any at the moment.

I do not currently game/train/BLUP any horses other than my own, due to time constraints.

I do not accept coverings on any of my mares.

Once my horses* are at 100BLUP they are no longer competed, unless new achievement/objectives/competitions are brought out.

I mark my fully BLUPed and bolded Howrses with ^

My EC forum is up and running and so far contains a guestbook, Xanthos Instant Stroke Links, How to make Forum Banners, Archimedes Link List and a few other things.

Once I buy a horse it is mine to do with as I please, but I would be happy to sell it back to you after the 10 day wait, for double the price I originally paid.  This includes passes as well as equus.

The only exceptions are those horses in the various 'The A,B,C,D, etc Collection' tabs.  Those are there under special circumstances and as such may not be directly available to be re-bought.

I do not and will not 'give for free' horses, BM items, or passes.  I have worked extremely hard to get where I am today, and I'm not going to just give it all away. I am happy to trade.  

Please be aware that if I haven't traded with you before I will require you to uphold your end of the negotiation first, be it either sending an item or buying a horse, unless you have more days of seniority, a higher achievement level, or more Karma than myself.  

I am happy to go through a Mod if this is not to your liking.

Be advised that I do not engage in 'idle chit-chat' as I simply don't have the time.  I will answer any PM's I receive, but I don't send any unless it is about buying/selling Howrses, BM items, etc.   If this is not to your liking feel free to drop me from your friend's list, I will not be offended. 










To create banners like the ones above just click on this sentence!

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