My name is Kat and i was born in 88 (hence the username) and i live in England. I have a pony called Benni and a dog called Bailey. I have been riding for about 10 years, and i used to do showjumping but now i mainly just do hacking and trail rides as that is what i enjoy.
I play on here for fun, i am not trying to get the highest GP or skills or be top ranked anymore, although i did hold the No.1 spot for GP and skills of the Russian Don breed for almost a year. I still have my first ever horse - Flash - hes a thoroughbred and i will be keeping him forever. 
I am not currently breeding anything however in the past i have bred Mustangs, with my own line Osage Pride. I am retired from breeding Russian Don horses due to limited time. I have a set of 6 Fallabellas, 2 Balios, a Snow, a Croesus, 6 Wild Horses and 3 Solar System horses - Mars, Jupiter and Earth.   
My EC is called Land Down Under, partly in homage to the great song 'Land Down Under', and partly because many members of my family live in Australia. Please see the EC page for more details.
I am currently looking to sell these items:                   2 Fifth Elements                 I also have pretty much every other BM item in my inventory, if you are interested just PM me, if i think the offer is reasonable i will accept it. I am not looking to buy any items at this time.
I do not accept random friend requests.                 If a horse is not in sales that means it is not for sale.                                  My avatar was made exclusively for me by a friend, if you steal it in any way you will be reported.                      None of my divines are for sale (unless otherwise stated on my page)