My name is Kawasaki Ninja. You may also call me Jensen. I've been playing Howrse on & off for over 10 years and my current focus is simply enjoying a relaxed, non-competitive account. I do not own a horse in real life but I ride when my schedule allows. 

All of my current sales can be found in the breeding farm labelled 'For Sale'. Almost all of these sales are negotiable so please feel free to send in an offer. However please take note to offer the same currency as the horse is listed for. 

I am continuously looking to purchase horses and BM Items. If you think you have a horse or Item that may interest me, please feel free to get in touch. I typically look for Special coats, especially Golden Apples. I am ALWAYS looking to purchase Diamond Apples.

I currently host an active forum within my EC that includes giveaways, free advertising, games and more. I monitor it frequently to keep it SFW and you are welcome to participate in all topics. 

I currently focus on my crossbreeding team SHIELD and am looking for one or more breeding partners who would be interested in teaming up on a casual, non-competitive level. Please get in touch if you think that sounds like something you'd be interested in!