Hi. Theres not much to say. I am a girl that lives somewhere in the hills of the United States of America and im 27 years old.

 I did have a Tennessee Walker gelding. His name is Buster. He is a flaxen chestnut with a star, stripe and snip and two rear socks. My stepfather got rid of him while I was at school, because he didnt want me to have fun.

I do accept random friend requests.

 If you want a covering just ask it will be 500ee.

 I AM NOT a pass buyer.

It's CHRISTmas not Xmas!!!! This erks me to no end.

I used to go to church. I know I need to get back in. I having some trouble with that.






  galloping horseI was as fast as lightning and as free as the wind. You caught me and put me under a saddle. You put me in races. People yelling when I ran by, the person on my back hitting me with a whip. I tripped one time and hurt myself. You didn't want the vet to put me out. You sent me to a horrible place, horses were screaming all around... Put this on your page if your against horse slaughter!!