The password is :



Clearly I was hacked, thanks for nothing Howrse! Letting this by without doing ANYTHING about it, you guys rock! The hacker gave me the password obviously through this, but they took my horses, money, 4 passes, and put it alllllll on to this account. (PLEASE CLICK AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT FOR GOODNESS SAKES!)


So if you're reading this (hopefully a mod, admin) I want you to read this, I was originally going to post it in a topic in the Game Play for anyone and everyone to read, but I can't as I don't feel like waiting 5 days or however long it takes to post topics without validation.

OK FIRST OF ALL: I was going to post this on a brand new account, but then the Hacker put my password on this presentation. But now that this account is back, there's a bunch of stuff in this that was meant to be to get my account back. Well I got it back, but I want you guys to know how I truly feel. And while you're at it,


So here it is. I typed this all up yesterday, getting ready to post it when 5 days is up in the Game Play for everyone to read and get a kick out of. ENJOY.

TITLE: Hmm let's name this----Hacked Account.


Hey Howrse Team, Mods, and Admins!! I am back, and well..... I'm not very happy right now. No, not at all. Do you want to know why? Read on! Please do, you will very much enjoy this. You too players! <3

Ok so... I am tired of it.

My account, Vayonetx, got hacked pretty much on New Years Eve. I just quit howrse after that since I wouldn't be getting my account, but I noticed a bunch of things.

When mods/admin/howrse replied to my contact us , they supposedly 'took care of the situation,' which they didn't, they just told me whoever hacked me is a so called 'friend' and to ask them about giving the password to me.

I don't have a friend who would do that, and I didn't have anyone know my password I had before the night I got hacked (12/31/09) so I don't know how it's possible. The person is just someone who is hacking for fun. And Howrse won't give me the password back because yes, I have multi accounted. But who cares now, that is history. My accounts WERE Vayonetx, Hyrule, stephenie101 and that is IT. I deleted stephenie101 just in time before the hacker hacked stephenie101. But they got to Vayonetx and Hyrule. They are currently running the accounts... check it out Howrse!!!


Well I just quit the account I made after I got hacked, but before quitting I've been asking for Howrse to remove my personal pictures of my horse and such that were on the presentation off of it and such. They didn't cuz they were 'still investigating.'

Vayonetx was supposedly banned for a number of days, and it seems it is now unbanned. Wow. So the person who hacked me thankfully deleted all my pictures and such. But the person who hacked my account sold all the horses over to another account, gave all the money to the other account, and restarted the game.

s that allowed Howrse? Please tell me if it is allowed...............................

But the freaky part, the foundation horse they get from restarting the game, they named it Bianca ;).
That is my real name. Uhhhh?

I don't know where on the contact us I should go for this, but I just want that account deleted because that is just getting freaky. I don't want this person putting things like my name on the account, I don't want anything else of my privacy on this game. I do not KNOW who hacked me, and I will just have to get on your nerves until you guys actually take action instead of telling me a bunch of poop.

I don't want this person on the account, and why aren't you guys investigating more? The person is MULTI-ACCOUNTING! YES! The bad word on this game! The rule that you MUST obey on this game, because if you don't, you will get your accounts deleted! Multi-accounting! The accounts are Vayonetx and Hyrule, check it out cuz that right there my friends, is multi accounting. And while you're looking at those accounts, check if the IP of the last person on those accounts have been on any other accounts, because I doubt you would want a multi-accounter and hacker on Howrse.

So if you do something about that, you will get less of my complaining to you guys, and heck, maybe other people asking for their accounts back that were hacked by the same person.

If you are not a mod, I don't care what you have to say, I don't want you to say THIS ISN'T ALLOWED HERE, stop trolling. Seriously. Go give advice to a new player, not comment here.

I want a MOD or ADMIN to either delete or lock this, but at the same time TAKE NOTICE and forward it to each other. So that they INVESTIGATE more!

Thanks for reading, have a great time on Howrse. Secure your passwords or you will be in my same position, which trust me, you won't like.

After this is deleted, locked, I don't know and/or I am notified about this in a PM I will most likely be quitting.

Yay!!! Drama on the internet!! Don't you just love it? (l) Cuz I bet you're getting a kick out of this... I bet some of you normal players out there will be like OMG LOOK! DRAMA! CHECK IT OUT!!
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( I was known as Vayonetx, BUT NOT ANYMORE ced83a1ec20d9f7b45a8c537f1ccdf3c.png 4bf0d19a3e59333e02cd4fce8e7902ed.png.......that is such a child looking face... the 4bf0d19a3e59333e02cd4fce8e7902ed.png.... )

Bye now!

You guys aren't getting any more of my money, hoorah! You lost a customer ! ced83a1ec20d9f7b45a8c537f1ccdf3c.png

Oh sorry----NOW I'm saying goodbye.

So that is my situation, the hacker is probably laughing. Cuz I know if I were a hacker, and I did the same thing to the hacked account, I would laugh my butt off because they are like WAHH MY ACCOUNT!

Howrse I think you should make it harder for e-mails and passwords to be changed. Like, when you (or someone) changes the password to the account, YOU SEND AN E-MAIL SAYING THIS EXACT THING (this is an example of what I mean, it is from a real game.)

This is what the e-mail says, the <PRIVATE>'s are the name of the game and other stuff about it so don't worry about it.

Password Change Notification

Your password for <PRIVATE> and Username <PRIVATE> has been updated via the Account Management site.

If you did not authorize this, please contact support at <PRIVATE>. Phone support hours are 10:00 am - 10:00 pm eastern time, Monday through Friday. You can find further information on account security at <PRIVATE>.

Thank you!

This is an automated email from the Account Management site for <PRIVATE>.

Omg see how much more secure that is? It even notifies when the e-mail is changed!
SUCH A GREAT GAME IT IS! So secure! And it is a game that you pay for monthly. This game you can pay for too... you should really do that....

If you're just a player reading this, then you are lucky, this presentation will probably be deleted by the time you're here. Who knows I might even be banned. Tho I doubt I will be banned, there is no bad words or anything in this.

OH; Did you read the part in the little thing I was gonna post saying I have multi accounted before? Well I do not have access to any other accounts but this one, so there should be NO reason AT ALL as to why you ban or delete my account.

Thanks for reading my page, pass this page URL along and help me out!!

The hacker is OFF MY ACCOUNT for now! Who knows if they come back on, you guys better secure you passwords, make it hard to guess or else you will regret it!


I did not do the follow history, it was someone else who hacked me.