I'm Serraei, and the fuzzy little critter acting as my avatar is my guinea pig, Twix, at age five.

Basically all you need to know about me is that I am somewhat insane, I adore guinea pigs, I enjoy juggling and crocheting, and I don't sleep much, which can sometimes lead to the belief that I'm a form of alien. I do not deny this.

The only other thing of note is that I am an adult, although I sometimes choose to ignore this.
I have a number of retired coats that I am not that attached to. I have them sorted to the beginning of my horses. Names book-ended by two asterisks are generally horses that I would be willing to part with; feel free to contact me about them with a price, and we can talk. Names book-ended with a single asterisk, I am still debating somewhat, but I might be willing to part with them. If you want to contact me with a price, you are still welcome to do so, just be aware that I am not actively looking to sell them at this time. If I know you, I'm more likely to be willing to part with them.