About Me & The Ponehs

 Im Lexi :) i own 2 wonderful horses in real life ;). Penalla is a paso fino mare. She was a birthday present way back in 05.She has the sassy attitude of a mare.( She's always makes me giggle when she throws a hissy fit) She is extremely smart! It literally only takes a matter of mins for her to pick up something new. She is very respectful, but shy. You have to earn her trust.  She loves endurance racing. Dragon is a rescue horse i got in sept. of 2013. When he came to us his body condition was rated at 1.5. He has blossomed into the gorgeous russian arabian with loads of potential for an 18 year old
Chester is an American Quarter Horse gelding. He is super sweet, and has a really kind heart. He has very soft eyes and thinks he is a dog. He loves to give kisses and would follow you in the house if you would let him. Unlike penalla, chester loves people. He is very eager and loves to please his rider. I am currently jumping him. Chester passed away unexpectedly and suddenly on Sept. 6th 2013. He meant the world to me and will hold a forever place in my heart  I also have a Jack Russel, and a chinchilla. Other than that im a pretty boring person. :P I promise i don't bite!! I have been on this game for awhile and never mind helping people, so don't be afraid to ask. :) 

Current Breeding    

I am currently breeding a little bit of everything at the moment, but im focusing on Tbs and have recently started lusitanos. ( As of the beginning of March) As for breeding partners, AliAl.Mynora and i may become Tb breeding partners. I don't have any horses for sale at the moment, but when i do they will be listed here. I have no problem taking offers on horses for sale, but please don't beg. Thank you! : ) 
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