The Nalu
308.png Gender: She.
Age: Uhn.. next question?
Weight: She swears she's on a diet.
Height: A Smurf and a half, which is completely respectable.
Other: Very Italian (she's got her pedigree documents somewhere). She's trying to learn Common Tongue (which she totally invented right now).

Hello everyone and Thank you for visiting! I'll try to keep it short, so that you can have the best experience on this page.

First of all, this is the tiny corner I reserve for me, the rest is a lot of Junk about my game and the horses I don't sell and the covers I do not send. Huh, go figure!

I'm a woman, I have a job, but most of all I have a family. They are the first thing I see in the morning and the last in the evening, so most of my time will be given to them. As such! Please do not expect me to be online 24/7. I tried, but I was told humans need sleep.

I live in Europe, so if you live in the US, Australia or Asia it's very possible that our times will not match. I advocate patience in this case. When I get back online, I will get to you (unless a sea lion steals my lucky pencil. In that case I can't guarantee it).
Horse of the week: Good Girl Resilient
The next horse is planned for: 5/06/2020
He will be available for board on:12/06/2020
Please note that dates are written in DD/MM/YY format.
Collectibles I'm looking for:
Peacock Akhal-Teke
Historical Wanderer's Spirit
I'm Looking to complete my pets collection, please refer to the above sections for pets I need! Willing to pay passes!

Since the beginning of my service I've always offered to buy clouds off of players in exchange of eques. Since 2011, with the advent of the Item Exchange, this is no longer a feature of my gameplay.

Effective 2014, with the new rules of Trafficking and Karma actions, I no longer take part in private agreements that involve any other feature than a public or a reserved but previously agreed upon exchange (item/item and item/equus).
EC Boosters for Boarding

The main service my Account can offer you, is to board my Skiller horses in your EC to give you an automatic free pass to 60e lessons. This is something I've been doing since 2010, and takes a very special place in my game.
The GP race is often harsh, fast and most of all costly. So I realize not many can afford that big skiller to give your Centre a push. Here's where we come in, I suppose.
Please note that THIS IS NOT A SALE OFFER. We're not talking sales. No.
What I offer, is to give your EC one of my big boys for board and push you as high as they can take you.
This is of course completely free on your part.


Contact me
Hatching Projects
! I do not sell horses nor send out covers. I don't. I don't. I DON'T. Don't know if I stressed it enough, but I don't. Ok? Please, do go somewhere else if you want this kind of things, because I don't and won't sell. Thank you.

! I do not give Handouts. I have no time nor resources to gimp your account (if you pardon the French). I run several no profit initiatives for Equestrian Centres that might need help (starting from Divines and Skillers boarding the Centres that need it), which are time and resource consuming. Every time I do a skiller for you I spend at the minimum a Nyx Pack, a Water and 20 clouds. Those are costly, very much so. Do not expect freebies from me much like I do not expect them from you.

! Did I say that I do not send out covers? Yes? Ok, hopefully you'll remember it.

! My services are, when not otherwise specified, on a First-come-first-serve basis. If I tell you a date, that is the earliest possible that I have available. I'm not trying to be rude, it's just that probably someone else got there first. Simple as that.

! Do not harm me, and I shan't harm you. I mean it in a figurative form of speech of course, but please keep in mind that I do not have time and patience to listen to people who are just trying to be rude because they 'can'. "Desktop lions" please take note. You will be blocked to guarantee my peace of mind, and yours. If your offense is so great I cannot ignore it, you will be reported as well. Thank you. :)
Special Thanks!
*To magical koory (Ogawa), because we know (quote), and because I want to thank her for this beautiful layout. Thank you. So much.

*To sofizzy, because it's been 5 years with her and she's a saint for sticking with me. Saint, you hear me? And you're awesome by definition.

*To the other members of Jaded (who love to change nickname so I'm like "Uh, this one was... ah no that one was..." but I remember you!), because you are a very important part of my Howrse life (and also because you're awesome, in case you didn't get your daily dose of You're awesome).

*To CelticLioness, because she's been around since 2009 and helped me fund so many projects. Thank you!
The Cooker's Corner: Because I'd love for it to be back. I've posted some recipes I have, but would love to share the wealth (and try some of yours!)

Graphic Contest(s): Nothing set in stone yet, but you never know when you might need a banner or so (she's trying to look cool with sunglasses, but she's failing).
Daily Dose of Awesome
You're Awesome.

If no one told you today, read this. And then again, because you're awesome.
Will you sell me one of your Horses?
No. Let me repeat: NO.

Will you help me with your horses?
Yes. You may find me regularly stalking the EC Classifieds advertising for my horses and my cold prone Divines. If you see such a topic, it means that I actually have spaces to fill and will be able to help you.

Will you board your Divines in my EC?
Again yes, if they're not somewhere else. They suffer very much of cold feet, and it's not the first time I find them homeless.

Last two or three notes (of Doom!) on the EC Booster Train:

Are there requirements for the EC who wants to host you?
Uhm, no? We're usually not picky, however please mind that:
* My horses are not miracle workers. If the average of your EC stabling prestige is not enough, you will not reach 60e lessons even with my horses.
* My Divines do not count towards prestige. They're just pretty.
* My horses are regularly worked. This means they need shower and trough if they need to comp. My Divines are not, and do not need either of those unless otherwise specified.
* Try to keep the fee as low as you can. We're doing this for free, try not to force us into paying more than our due.
* Horses do vary in availability depending on how many I have. Clouds are expensive. So expensive it takes a lot of time to get 20 for the next horse.
* This is a no profit service I'm running for you because I want to. It's basically a favour. As such, you have no right to demand anything off of me.