Thank you for everybody who is helping me get King Glitter Sparkle into the competition ranking!

LOOKING FOR FOUNDATION HORSES! Old foundies preferred (350 GP). Message me if you have any for sale!

Hello! I'm Jane, I'm a college student living in the United States (on the west coast). I'm a double major in English and Agricultural Business Management. Because of this, my time on the game can be sporadic.

I absolutely love animals! I live on a farm with pygmy goats (I hover around 50), chickens (about 150, plus or minus), dogs (7), cats (2), and a few fish tanks. I own and breed NPGA registered pygmy goats. They make awesome companions and brighten my day, any and every time I get a chance to hang out with them. If you want cute baby goat pictures, just shoot me a PM :)
Formerly janecb

I never intentionally stomp; if I am entering over your horse, please message me and I will help you get wins!

I've been playing for quite a while now, and I know my way around the game (less and less now that it's changed so much... almost 13 years have gone by!). I try to be helpful and friendly, although I do have my bad days... Anyways, feel free to send me a PM to chat or a friend request- I accept all of them. I don't have a blacklist, and I want to keep it that way! I'm also almost always available to talk if you need it... I'm not a therapist, but I've been through some stuff and I love making others feel better (or less bored!).
I will buy any GA horses for 100k.
I am buying any horse for 3000e or under.
If my horses aren't in the sales currently, they are not for sale. 

Please do not message me about horses I have bought that are not for sale, or horses that I have put back up for sale; I know what I'm doing, and I don't need your "advice" on how to properly make equus on this game :)
Taking a break from competitive breeding. Now only breeding for fun with friends. I may get back into competitive breeding again, but at this point it's unlikely. A lot of filling and blupping is done through co.

Breeding with the #1 Akhal-Teke teams! (unicorn and normal horse)

I'm also breeding unicorns (Knabstruppers, Hanoverians, Shetlands, and Kerry Bogs) for fun.

Thanks to PhoenixDesigns for this amazing layout! I don't know if she's active on Howrse anymore (I get lots of questions about my layout), but you can find her on deviantart.

I still miss Woody, my "first" horse. He'd be turning 21 this year. I won't get another horse until he would be turning 30... otherwise I feel like I'd be cheating on him. 

Ok, so I cheated a bit on that last statement. Fell in love with a bay OTTB named Gucci who has a heart murmur. She lives happily with her friend the mini donkey and the herd of goats.


August 27, 2012: first uni ever produced! (A chincoteague)

April 21, 2013: second uni produced! (A shetland)

May 26, 2013: third uni produced! (A shetland)

<< looking back at these milestones is funny, because I breed with uni teams now. But 2013 Jane was very excited about them, so I'll humor her >>