ISO: Paying up to 500P for Foundation Black Overo Marwari’s

I am currently looking for foundation Unicorn Marwari’s ,Mustangs, Brumbies and Morgans!

I BUY FOUNDATION HORSES! PM ME YOUR HORSE LINK AND PRICE! (I will buy any foundation for 65passes feel free to reserve.)


About Me

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Hi I'm Lennox! my username is from my favorite cat in the world!

 I currently own two amazing cats, a Chihuahua named Hunter and a Pomeranian Chihuahua mix named Effie! Which two are rescues!

Lennox: is the most gorgeous tortoiseshell cat and the first one I ever adopted! She was adopted from a shelter at four months and is now Five years old!
Fact about Lenni: She's allergic to every food out there!

Dusty: is my brown  adorable cat! He is about Two year old right now. He's sweet and cuddly! He is part Munchkin,Ragdoll and Bengal; and might even have Siamese in him has well.
Fact about Dusty: Dusty likes to cuddle under blankets and always has cold paws.

Lilli: Lilli is my last rescue and she's a my baby. I am extremely protective of her as it seems like she chose me. Lilli came to me through a rescue of six adult cats, her and her brother Termite were the youngest of the cats. They were all under socialized, pretty skittish beside one of the other females Leigha.

As far as me and my friend knew they had been living wild up in the ladies attic for a year and more from the different ages. Sonic the oldest male was already spraying. Sonic went onto my grandparents farm and the other five went to our foster home we had up in the city since we lived in rural part at the time.

The cats sat for months and were not moving so we eventually had to take them back and made the decision to release Simba, Lilli and Termite onto my grandparents farm which was better then them living in a large kennel in my garage and after Lilli bit our foster homes hand she just didn't seem happy.

My friend decided to keep trying to find Leigha and Roxy a home. which honestly Roxy was my first choice since she was super cuddly once she warmed up to you and a gorgeous fluffy grey tabby.

Lilli loved it on the farm for a year and even gave birth to four kittens! Her brother Termite had somehow gotten hurt and broke both his back legs so he had to sadly be euthanized. Simba ended up running off at some point but Sonic who was the father of Lilli's kittens stuck around! Leigha and Roxy both got adopted a few months later to single guy who was having them spayed and was really happy to adopt them!

 However I discovered Lilli had come down with extremely bad URI (Upper Respiratory Infection) one afternoon when I went to visit my grandparents her head was also tilted to one side and she was emaciated and laid in my arms the entire time me and my friend rushed to the vet.

It took her over six months to get rid of the URI to the point she was sneezing blood and having hard time breathing. I had to make my bathroom into a steam room to help her breath some nights. She ended up going to three different vets and getting prescribed lots of medication and she almost died when I got her spayed as the vet worried that she might not get enough oxygen to her brain due to the head tilt. After all that finally Lilli is healthy and happy. The vets could never figure out why she has a head tilt so she lives with that now.  I am just so happy to own her!

Oh and Sonic and two of her kittens Tom and Jerry have all been neutered and live on my grandparents farm still!

Lilli has gone to live with my sister's friend has Lennox, Dusty and her would not stop fighting and she was no longer happy in our household. I miss her dearly but she is much happier living with only one older cat.

Rissa: R.I.P Rissa is the only calico of the family our vet told us she may be part persian she is Ten years old!
Fact about Rissa: She gets ALOT of hairballs. Yuck.
PS: The vet I used to take her too kept calling her Rifa d8183e948e6d05a3b3fc6e36a4b97d1a.png

Moesby: R.I.P my very sweet boy I loved him for three short years! He was rescued from the same shelter has Lennox and Rissa. Moesby was a maine coon cross and was very loving member of our family we miss him dearly and it will never be the same without my giant drooling boy!

Fact about Moesby: He used to drool when you petted him.

Princess Peapod: R.I.P: Peapod was hit by a bus in 2010. I got her as a surprise when I was young!  I had not wanted to go out to a meeting and argued with my parents but went anyways and when I got back in the car my dad pulled a tiny little fluffy black and white kitten out of his jacket! She was a smart and loving cat. I miss her so much and wish to see her just one more time to tell her that!
Fact about Peapod: She was the best mouser on our farm!


My Farm

  • DA horses or Retired Golden Apples are not for sale at this time.
  •  I am looking for any Foundations of any breed for a reasonable price.
  •     I am on the hunt for the following 350/1 Breeds
  •   Holsteiner X1 (Horse)
  • Lusitano X3 (Horse)   
  • Morgan X2 (Horse)
  • Peruvian Paso X1 (Horse) X1 (Unicorn)
  • Quarter Horse X1 (Unicorn)
  • Thoroughbred X2 (Unicorn) 


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