At the moment, I'm actively looking for Hera Packs (and the individual items), Chronos Timers, Water of Youths, and Horn of Plenties. If you're at all interested in a trade, pm me and I'll see if i have anything you might consider trading for.

If you see a horse you're interested in buying, message me! Make me an offer, and we'll see what we can work out! I'm not accepting offers on 100% of my horses, but I won't bite, just ask. And hey, let's be friends! My previous flames have all disappeared into the recesses of adulthood and deleted accounts. :P

An introduction! I'm mimsy1, known in real life to those I love as Mimsy, Mimz, and Mimsimillion. Call me whatever you want, kids. It doesn't bother me. I was active on Howrse, not truly understanding it from 2008-13, then school kicked my butt and I came on like once a year, until now! I'm back in full force now. 

I'm a college student who lives in Wisconsin, the Tundra of the U.S. While I have never actually owned horses, I was obsessed as a child, so this was a cool game for casual play when I was small.