LOW USE RC's for Sale!

4/28/2020  -  I have decided to stop collecting GA and RC coats.  There are just too many to keep up with and it's costing too much real money.  I'm not happy with the GA/RC changes the game has made recently.

Check my Auctions and Private Sales Regularly!

Pass offers only!

(RC Unicorns are only for sale if it's a duplicate...)


Please note - I'm not online most weekends... my family is more important than an internet game.

164 copies of Bloody Mary as of 5/30/15


Hello and Welcome to my page!

(I'm not a fan of posting rules, but it seems it is now required...)

(l).png?1828806360  I try to answer all messages, but I do get a TON of them.  While I check my messages all the time, I do not always have time to reply right away.  Please be patient if waiting for a reply.  Real Life comes first.  I have a two young boys at home that require a lot of my attention!

(l).png?1828806360  If I have not replied to your message in two days, please message me again.  Or if it's team related and time-sensitive, please message another member of the team.  Thanks!

(l).png?1828806360  Please note:  I do NOT sell or give covers from any horses above Sales GP for any of my teams.  Thank you.

(l).png?1828806360  All RC's in my "RC Doubles for Sale" tab are for sale.  I will only accept Pass Offers at this time, no horse or BM item trades.  

(l).png?1828806360  I accept all friend requests, but please be aware... If you have not logged on in more than one month, you will most likely be deleted and you will need to send a new request.  I like to keep my friend's list up to date as much as possible.  

Hope & Loyalty does NOT give out covers over Sales GP.  See our team page for information.  Thanks! 

~ Legacy of hope ~  Elite Knabstrupper Horses


All RC's in my "RC Doubles For Sale" tab are available for sale.  

Please message me with PASS offers only.  



* Knab Unicorn Skillers Available *
* Knab Horse Skillers Available *


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