My main Goal in the game is to have a top quality Equestrian Center in which your horses can get the best care & gain a great bonus for their stay. 

My second Goal in the game is to breed the best horses/ponies I can by breeding my mares up to high quality Stallions.

My third goal is to have at least 1 horse/pony of every color in every breed with my own affix.

When buying & selling horses I will look up and compare in the sales/auction pages to other horses of the same caliber. 

 I do not use many BM items, due to not using real money to purchase passes. I will however exchange items if I need something & I am able to.   

please feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions.

I don't sell my horses often, but I might if I am sent a resonable offer. Please check the Private Sales & Auction to compare and see what horses of the same quality are selling for (thats what I do).

I will Reserve coverings to anyone that requests, for 500 e, Just PM me with the name of your mare and the name of the Stallion you want to cover her.

 ***My Mares will only be covered by +100 BLUP Purebred Stallions with the highest GP at time of breeding***