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there will be about a week delay in getting your ribbons for placing in my comps, we had a big dog fight break out at my house and my hands are a bit messed up, so typing is a bit hard, but I will get them to you as soon as I can, thanks for understanding 4f8bc8dff741273ca7c8ae63f8fb9e79.png?137722501

It would be greatly appreciated if some of you could go by my Keepers tab and give my Exmoor or Camargue  an apple once in a while, theirs not enough ways to get morale  for them and they tend to need a bit. Thank you so much for all your help 2a1af738d56da555be74920210e2babc.png?1819265302

Well it made it 75.85% and who else but "Oldengrey " ( this is lucylastic hubby)got the 1st Rosette , But without Ludasissi it wasn't going to happen. Love ya Honey

       Its almost there 74.65% 3d92545d1f254a341e34350cbfbf4a7f.png?1819265302I want to give a special Thanks to Ludasissi and caribooster for pushing my jump comp up to Rosettes again, Old Farts Saved the day again, and thanks to all the other Players who have joined in to help 2a1af738d56da555be74920210e2babc.png?1819265302a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png?1819265302

My Jump Comp was accidentally deleted if anyone can help get it back up to the rosettes % for rankings it would be greatly appreciated. The name of the comp is    Stormy Waters Jump Off C*aC* it is open class and set at 549.90 and up  4f8bc8dff741273ca7c8ae63f8fb9e79.png?aw12la4zfo9

Well everyone I think we have our 1st howrse marriage. So please go to franerella's EC forum to congratulate them in the Barn Party Post


Please do not copy anything on my page. I have had it for just short of 5 years. Players pick there avatars to Identify themselves and if you copy there Identity other players could mistake you for someone else, So please do the right thing and don't copy other players things,  It's just not right.   thank you  50585be4e3159a71c874c590d2ba12ec.png?zerghrzjjjPp

If you need help or just have a question, take a look in my EC forum. And play a game or 2 while your there to relax. If you can't find what your looking for just PM me and I will get  back to you.

All my comps have rosettes, so if your looking for them I have them (soon again because of a boo boo 568c3842c2bcbdd03b18b49a3284e7d5.png?1819265302 )

PitaPata Horse tickers

If anyone has a spare aging point, sending me one would be appreciated


Well another one of the Old Farts  has left howrse HELENCOX another 4+ years of friendship,  and another night of tears for me, I miss you dearly my friend .. 855f2acb12410ea8c7951e834f5ff498.png?1819265302 ..  (Peek-A-Boo)935cc82ef2748ac36d8c208173df154a.png?1819265302

One of our 1st has decided to take a long leave or quit the game, and you no me, when she sent me the pm yesterday I was up all night crying, over 4yrs we have been together and I love you all so much ( crap here I go again :%27%28.png?zerjkgzey&zerjkgzey ) and just the thought of you all leaving the game chokes me up, I think about sticky and Rockin k all the time and I miss them so much, but I guess if life has something else it needs you to do then" I don't care" I hate it. Anyway we will miss you dearly if you decide to quit for good.

%28l%29.png?zerjkgzey&zerjkgzeydoggiemom %28l%29.png?zerjkgzey&zerjkgzey

I will Love and miss you always sassyme797 / Darla

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If someone out there could please take a look at my EC page , My layout has gone nuts  3d92545d1f254a341e34350cbfbf4a7f.png  some of the background is gone in places and the Raking box is on top of it, the bottom  right has move to join the left, not having a good day ! think !

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PhotobucketScarecrows for sale PM me with offers


I would like to personally thank 2 of the most  giving friends you could ask for, they gave up a lot of sleep as I to get me from level 4 achievements to VIP in about a week ( I was stuck on 4 with no one to sponcer ) With a lot of endless sleep here I  am VIP, And those 2 giving friends are Fl.Orichids and lucylastic

And I also need to thank 1PonyLover for buying all my horses that I just extended there board in my E C for ever, so I could better my EC for top 100 EC achievement.

There are many of my other friends that also helped out like Ludasissi for getting my comp % up and Rancher1 for upping his dressage on the horse he has in my EC and to many others that helped

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart  a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png , with out you I couldn't have done it.

sorry elevenseconds I didn't for get you, I have just been trying to get 1PonyLover off your tale  568c3842c2bcbdd03b18b49a3284e7d5.png , but with out your 30 days horse I would not have the VIP Kiss 0cfd9b59cee3dd3829bd8aa1641a7e28.pngKiss 0cfd9b59cee3dd3829bd8aa1641a7e28.png to you


OOPS! guess what I did? working on it now, Be back soon!


Where did it go?