Apotheosis- 'The act of making someone into a God. Elevation to divine status'


Horses not in the sales are not for sale

I'm not interested in trades or teams 

I don't accept random friend requests

I own the ONLY Unicorn on the game born in 2007. Unicorns were not released on this server until 1st February 2008 (trace any other unicorn back to its parents to see). He is likely a test horse that somehow got released. Please go and give him an apple for being extra special! 


I'm always interested in foundation horses with 350-351.2GP and probably have the largest collected on the INT server with over 2000 in total, over 1500 of these are immortal with 300+ skills. 

I also collect foundation donkeys with 308GP. Please PM me if you're selling either of the above, I will always make a decent offer. 

Looking for both CraXor retired coats. I will pay massively 8f0d73882229b1f472cf172ee2f66ad8.png Also interested in any Arab or butterfly retired coats