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 If I have not replied to your reasonable PM in 48 hours, it got lost. Please PM me again.

"Blowing out someone else's candle doesn't make yours burn any brighter."

Hummingbird.'s Howrse...
Thank you to rhian x for such a fantastic layout, and EskiHound for an amazing avatar. If your computer allows for the appearance of the special cursor, I coded that myself. Hello, and welcome to my page! I am not interested in being PMd by anyone under the age of 10, sorry. I started playing Howrse in 2008, and took a break about a year later. I've since returned, and picked up breeding top-quality Morgan Unicorns. I also experiment with different, more convenient BLUPping techniques. This game is 90% fun, and 10% competition- so I usually wing it. I pride myself on running an efficient, helpful Equestrian Center Forum. There you will find tips on how to BLUP, links for Xanthos, Topaz, Frost, and Archimedes, and of course my "Trustworthy" topic that boasts well over 100 posts. If we have done trades, please feel free to sign it!  I frequent the Game Play Forum to help new players, and hablo Espanol, y me encanta auydar.

About 98% of the time, if a horse/unicorn/divine/etc is not in sales, it is not for sale. Occasionally, this is not the case, and I simply haven't had time to transfer the horse in question to the sales tab, or place it in sales.  This being said, you may PM me to ask if a horse is available for sale. Sєαвяєєzє, my starter horse, all Morgan unicorns above sales GP, and any divines and DAs I have will never be for sale.  *PLEASE* do not harass me about what I do with your horse after you have sold it. In selling it, you have made a mutual agreement with the buyer that the horse is no longer yours, and you no longer have any say in what happens to it. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

•Harmony Packs!
•Piece of Clouds!

•Many items and horses! PM me if you are looking for something specific!

I *DO NOT* do horse trades. If you are a scammer, shoo shoo. I can smell your stink from a mile away. Please understand that players with less seniority, karma, or trustworthy posts go first in trades with few exceptions. Regardless of either, if you approach me about a trade, you go first. I don't need a lengthy explanation on the reason you lost so much karma. If you are not willing to go first, I'll be happy to request that you take your business elsewhere. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

Lɪl Ƒlʊttεɾßɪεs...
Lil Flutterbies is now the top Morgan unicorn group by hundreds of GP points, run by myself. Check out these lovelies! Currently, some are for sale! PM myself if you have any questions, would like a reserved covering, or check out our team page.

Policy on BLUPping: The BLUPping technique I use is created by myself. I myself enter 50 competitions, and only 50, the minimum I can enter to bold the 4 skills I typically bold during a Morgan BLUP. Any PMs requesting (or demanding) that I avoid a horse will be disregarded. I only avoid the BLUPs of close friends. If your horse was better, you would win, plain and simple. It's not like I'm stomping your horse, flooding the competitions, or entering hundreds of competitions for my personal entertainment- find a different BLUPping technique. Please remember I breed and BLUP *unicorns* so if you cannot win against my low-skilled unicorns, you need to reevaluate your techniques. Additionally, please note that I typically use auto-comp for my BLUPs, so if it seems that I am targetting you, I am not. Thank you for your consideration.