Ok I guess I will put this on my page finally.  I do not accept random friend requests unless we have either talked or are in a group together.  I am an adult player who knows very well that you probably aren't going to get your parent's permission to talk to me (I know I never did) but please don't give me your life history either.  You never know who or what is on the other end of the keyboard.  Yes I am a mother and that is why I sound like one.

I take unwanted horses of any kind and retired donkeys! I also accept "drop offs", horses reserved for me in PS with no prior contact with current owner.

My stallions will gladly cover your mare, all you have to do is ask.  Coverings are 500e. 

My mares accept all covers, just let me know who you covered so I can go accept. 

If you use one of my stallions and don't want the foal, I will buy the foal (this includes the Unicorns).