All layout orders are being put on hold! I am having trouble with the new howrse system for some reason. I am trying to find a way to fix the problem. Banner orders are still being accepted.Sorry for the inconvenience :( 

*****Right now all of my horses are for sale, except for my Gypsy Vanners, Percherons and my Argentinean Criollo. I'm changing what horses I'm focusing on breeding. And I don't have time to care for as many horses now that my schedule has changed.*****

Hi my name is shamu444, I am an adult player, so younger players please ask your parents before messaging me. I am in college so if I don't respond right away that is why :)_v1828806360.png
My favorite animals are killer whales, dolphins and especially horses.
I do not ride anymore due to my schedule being filled up. I miss it everyday. I hope to start up again.
I love to help people so if you are new to howrse and you are having problems with your game please pm me.
 I accept all friend requests. If you congratulate me, I will return the favor. If I do not, I apologize my schedule will be getting busy.
  • PM Rules(These do not apply to friends)
    I am sorry If I seem rude but I have been getting a lot of these messages lately. I welcome messages from other players but the topics listed below need to stop!

  • Please do not ask me for some of my money, I have worked very hard to get where I have gotten on this game.

  • Please do not ask me to sell you one of my horses!! They are not for sale! If one of my horses is for sale I will post it on my page or in my EC forum.

  • I am not interested in buying black market items. If I want an item I will contact you!

  • I also do not want to buy a horse from you! Unless I contact you about buying one of your horses

  • In Regards to my stance on Sea World, as you can see I LOVE Sea World. I know that their animals are very well cared for. Please do not engage in any anti-captivity discussions with me. I have my opinion and you have yours.We all want what's best for the animals:)_v1828806360.png
My Breeding
I am going to start breeding Arabian Unicorns, but that will be a few weeks in the making. Right now I am only focused on Gypsy Vanners.
My Stallions: 
All of my stallys are used for breeding, I set the covering price at 500e-1000e no matter how skilled they are.

My Mares
I chose the stallions that breed with my mares.If you send me an unwanted covering I WILL DENY IT!!!!!

Items: I do have various BM items, if you would like a list of them please PM me, I have more than I need.

I make free banners, layouts and avatars for your page, club, Equestrian Center. Or anything you need it for. All I ask is that you keep it appropriate. I make banners with special effects(like my layout banner), if you want me to keep the image simple, PLEASE let me know.If you would like samples I can send you a few.
Banner Info

• Background Picture/Pictures( you can send me the link or I can find one for you:-)).png?32678593)
• Text( your name, club name ect.)
*I will also make a few different versions of the image for you to chose from
Layout Info
•Number of text boxes
• Pick 2 colors
• Or you can pick 2 photos, like I have in my layout. Please send me the pictures you want for these, or give me a topic and i'll pick one out
*Number of text boxes (I have four in mine but I can put fewer or more in.)
Avatar Info
•Background picture( you can send me the link or I can find one for you:-%29%29.png?32678593)
• Screen Name







As you can see Ulises is one of my favorite Sea World Orcas!!



You may only use the pictures that do not have my name on them. Unless I specify otherwise.