I know this is not so recent but I'm keeping this here because it reminds me how exciting this game can be, even if I'm not currently addicted at the moment :)

November 20th, 2011 - Day before my Birthday - Oh my Gosh I won Pearl in the lottery. I'm elated.

- Summer 2011 - Oh my gosh I won a Sapphire! This is so amazing. I'm so happy I'm beyond words. :)


Hello. My name is Leeza. I have never come across another Leeza so far, although I am aware of Leeza Gibbons, lol. I absolutely love Howrse. In reality, I've been playing the game for about 1200 days, but I terminated my first account to start fresh. When I first joined horse I was a bit oblivious as to how the game actually worked and my first horse died, leaving me with nothing, so I grew tired of that scenario (Too impatient to wait till I could access the private sales) and here I am today. I introduced my twin sister to Howrse a few summers ago.. This summer she has decided to come back as well. Even though I am not a well-known player, I will eventually get up there! As for now, I am enjoying training horses, especially Arabians. I am a singer and writer. My family is in to arts and drama, I will follow suit, as I love that genre. Will accept all friends requests, and I generally am I nice person to talk to. Have a great day!


* I am in the process of finding a publishing company for my first novel. Cross your fingers please! 

                                         This is me, MajesticLeeza. :)                   






 me again. lol