***ATTN MINOR PLAYERS*** i am an adult player. So please, if you are under the age of 18, make sure you have permission to chat with me. Thank you!

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**I check my private sales DAILY. No need to message me, just reserve**
~ALL Horses for 3000 or less
~ALL GA/RC horses for 250k E or less
~ALL GA/RC horses for 60 passes or less

ALL HORSES IN "FOR SALE" TAB ARE NEGOTIABLE! Feel Free to shoot me a message

Please do understand i am an adult player. I have been on this game since its infancy days. You are more than welcome to message me with questions about the game, however, i wont tolerate begging, guilt trips, sob stories, or anything else alike. Thank you :)


1 - DO NOT PM me about my game and how i play it. That is my business. 935cc82ef2748ac36d8c208173df154a.png?137722501

2 - DO NOT PM me being rude. It is not my fault that something happened to you.

3 - DO NOT PM me begging or demanding your horse back if i bought it. I BOUGHT IT FAIR AND SQUARE!

4 - DO NOT PM me asking for my Golden Apple Coats or my Retired Coats UNLESS they are in my FOR SALE tab. ALL others are NOT for sale!

5 - DO NOT PM me asking for my Divine Horses. They are NEVER FOR SALE.

6 - DO NOT PM me asking for any horse unless it is in the SALES tab. (Yes this needs to be states twice because people have a hard time following this one...)

Good ol'e days!
-I remember when your horse had a 352+ GP and that was considered high GP'd.
-I remember when 400+ skills was a LOT.
-I remember when we didn't have PBSH, Freisians, RD, QP, and Chincos.
-I remember when we were all dreaming of having Unicorns, now we have them and players are just using the for their GP race or whatever it is called.
-I remember when we had the V1 version, I loved it. Then they changed it to the V2 version and we all had to get used to a new, "updated" setup that was supposedly more "efficient".
-I remember when all we had were V1 graphics, now they have V2 graphics that look all the same. How boring.
-I remember the first Golden Apple coats on here, sure they weren't as fancy as the ones we have now, but back then they were the most gorgeous coats.
-I remember when the most expensive horses were at MOST 20,000e.
-I remember when the player with the most equus had ONLY 5 mil.
-I remember when my horses looked healthy and fed well, not sick and starving.
-When no one had achievements
-When no one knew what happened after your 200th day
-When Irish Hunters were new.

-When Curlies were new.

-When Diamond apples were in the black market.

-When you had to progress through riding levels to get "Jobs"

-There were no tractors, water troughs, feed troughs, leather, iron, sand, or wood for your EC.

-When we had less than 1 million players.

-When you had to vaccinate your horses

-Turnips instead of mash

-The terror of hoping someone wouldn't "Snipe" an auction with a last second bid and the timer wouldn't reset!

-There was only one server, INTERNATIONAL! 50585be4e3159a71c874c590d2ba12ec.png

 If anyone has anything to add to this please mesage me!!