My giveaway has now ended, and prizes have been distributed, but I'd still like to give more! So, if you see this, reserve me any horse for 50,000e. Every few days I will check my reserved sales and pick some random players to purchase their horse! Apart from that I just have fun bidding high on random auctions to surprise sellers, lol.

I'm always up for a chat, though not very active, but please note I am legally an adult so minors get permission first! I'm a vet student with lots of interests, animal and not! My pronouns are she/her. :)

 Coats I'm looking for:

  > anything by the user everything useless
 > retired Pegasus coat 'Prince of the Stars' by Kinrrataiyath! It's a black pegasus lying down.  
> I'm particularly interested in any Pre-CS coats. Please PM me if selling.

I always reply to any PMs and return any congrats when I see them. 

Visit Archimedes and answer his question!

Behold.. my pride and joy.. Colors of the Rainbow, a coat by the now retired breeder timbuktu. 

I had the coat for a long time, then they brought in the feature where you could see how many copies were left and I was shocked! 8 copies left then and only 6 now. I have quite a few old and rare PreCS coats seeing as I started collecting a long time ago, but haven't done much since, sadly. Feel free to browse my retired coats tab for a look, but they aren't for sale I'm afraid. 

Please don't forget it's a game, and a lot of players (some much younger than you) use this as an escape. Be kind! I have been registered for over a decade, and although much less active now, I enjoyed the game so much when I was younger because of the friends I made here.