I am considering selling Eurydice, who has a Pre-CS retired coat called 'Prancing Knight' by Hopey22. Currently at 33 uses, I have 2. Collectors, please PM me offers if interested. I'm not really interested selling to a flipper so unfortunately I'm only looking for high offers! I would potentially be open to trading for another rare RC that I don't have. It may take me a few days to get back to you :)

I'm much less active than before, but will respond to all PMs and return all congrats when I log on. Please note PMs disappear after a while - if I don't respond, that's why!

Please don't forget it's a game, and a lot of players (some much younger than you) use this as an escape. Be kind! I have been registered for over a decade, and although much less active now, I enjoyed the game so much when I was younger because of the friends I made here. 

Coats I'm looking for:

  > anything by the user everything useless
 > retired Pegasus coat 'Prince of the Stars' by Kinrrataiyath! It's a black pegasus lying down.  
> I'm particularly interested in any Pre-CS coats. Please PM me if selling.

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I'm studying to be a vet, I love the outdoors, and I believe animals are friends, not food :)