My name is Dylas. Despite my days only hinting at two years here, I have been around for nearly ten years. I've been on and off, when I have time. Life often pulls me away.

I am not your typical player, or maybe I am. That's for you to decide. In truth, I am a transgender man taking part in the slow discovery of myself. Horses have always been a constant in my life, and now that I'm no longer living near my own, due to my work moving me away from home, this place, Howrse, serves as some sort of replacement. I know, it's not nearly the same, and I miss my powerful four-legged friends dearly. But it's something.

Friends are always welcome, of course, and I do have friends here. I'll not say no to new friends. So if you ever need help, or see a horse of mine you like, or even just want to chat. Shoot me a mail, I'll do my best to reply quickly.

Keep your hearts open and ride like the wind. 

Blessed Be.