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Well first off my name is Sarah, i live in Australia.

Yes im a pass buyer i believe you have to buy passes to keep this game going as their are people behind the scenes helping this game continue on so there has to be money coming in from some where so please dont send me hate mail because i am supporting howrse

Ec Center
I am currently trying to improve my ec to be the best of the best this is my main focus at the current moment. Its highest ranking was 71% which is pretty good considering i have been away for quite a while but im back now. Im trying to get bigger spaced boxes its next on the list for the ec center so feel free to check out my forum where you will find lots of useful things

i am currently breeding Arabs and KWPN both in high skillers and in unicorns. Please do not ask me if you can buy my unicorns for 500e because i have so many. It takes time and passes to breed them and they are only for sale when i put them up for sale so please don't ask if you want one then buy or breed one out right.

coats i need 


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